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    Published on 02-23-2018 09:11 AM
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    MaseratiMulti70 crossed the finish line in London, under the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, at 13.20′ 26″ UTC on February 23rd, after 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes and ...
    Published on 02-22-2018 04:05 PM
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    Date: February 21, 2018.

    Day: 100 (I was off by two days in last post).

    Noon Position: 45 46S 65 01E.

    Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW15.

    Sky: Clear.

    Temps: Cabin got to 62 today. Amazed. Miles last 24 hours: 133.

    LMG: 128.

    Total F8 Miles: 13,389.

    The southern ocean has dealt us a kind hand the last three days. Winds have been consistently light to moderate and the skies, Bright and open. Except for the Wandering Albatross, one might say he was transiting a trade wind belt. Nights have been clear too. Orion marching high. Sleep has been deep and long. ...
    Published on 02-22-2018 11:16 AM
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    February 22, 2018
    Maserati Multi 70 entered the English Channel before dawn. After a very fast night thanks ...
    Published on 02-21-2018 10:29 AM
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    New leader Turn the Tide on Plastic made their move to the head of the fleet overnight.
    That may have been the easy part. With challenging weather ahead, staying in front will not be straightforward....

    Turn the Tide on Plastic became the new leaders of Leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race on Wednesday as the sprint from Hong Kong to Auckland moved inside 1,500 miles.

    Dee Caffari’s talented young sailors ghosted past Team Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag as they ...
    Published on 02-20-2018 04:32 PM
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    As the Volvo Ocean Race fleet progresses slowly through the Doldrums, fast work continues on repairing our boat in Auckland. The new bow section has been prepped and inserted into the ...
    Published on 02-20-2018 04:18 PM
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    At 9.31 UTC, Maserati Multi 70 is about thirty miles off the Portuguese coast, just south of Porto. Cape Finisterre, the northwestern tip of Spain, is 130 miles to the north. After Finisterre, ...
    Published on 02-19-2018 11:20 AM
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    It's all about pressure as the week opens. On Monday, the Leg 6 rankings show big gains for the back markers, but the wind pressure has returned for the leaders, who have held firm...

    It will have been a massively stressful 24 hours for the leading pair on Leg 6 of the Volvo Ocean Race to Auckland, New Zealand.

    As team AkzoNobel and Scallywag bumped up against ...
    Published on 02-19-2018 10:40 AM
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    After passing the latitude of Gibraltar (36° N) last night, Maserati Multi 70 tacked and started heading towards the coasts of Portugal. For the skipper Giovanni Soldini ...
    Published on 02-16-2018 03:43 PM
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    Gains and losses mark the rankings on Friday as the Volvo Ocean Race fleet hits the doldrums...

    Team AkzoNobel is looking to get an early start on the weekend, making a serious bid to be first out of the doldrums on Friday afternoon.

    The team is now furthest south in the fleet and is beginning to pick up the westerly breeze that would indicate they’re past the worst of the ...
    Published on 02-16-2018 11:15 AM
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    At 10 UTC, Maserati Multi 70 is sailing at 14 knots off the Mauritania, at about 200 miles to the south of the Canary Islands. In the last 24 hours, the trimaran has followed a parallel route ...
    Published on 02-15-2018 12:34 PM
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    82 Boats sailing across the Atlantic, double handed and singlehanded, originating in Barcelona and Lorient with a group restart in Madeira then finishing in Martinique.
    Production boats and all sailors must be 40 years or older.

    They call it the Transquadra The 40 Year Old Transatlantic


    Last Sunday, my 11 year old daughter competed in a local indoor track meet. There were a ton of kids there of all ages competing in everything from the 100 meter dash to the 200 meter relay to the shot put to the long jump to the pole vault. Mollie ran the mile crossing the finish line in 6:35; not too bad considering she hasn’t been training.

    The meet was billed as an “all comers” meet meaning that it was open to everyone, kids and adults alike. As a runner myself, I’ve competed in plenty of road-races where it’s common to see people who are well into their 70s and even their 80s truckin’ along in good style. I was surprised however when a group of mature and seasoned hurdlers stepped to the starting line and blasted down the track leaping along like a group of high-schoolers. It was a wonderful thing to see and proves the point that you’re only as old as you feel.

    Like those older hurdlers, the Transquadra race is reserved ...
    Published on 02-15-2018 10:46 AM
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    West not the best as AkzoNobel consolidates lead
    The two teams furthest to the west, Scallywag and AkzoNobel have sacrificed some miles to get east and more in line with the rest of the fleet...
    As the Volvo Ocean Race fleet lines up on approach to the Doldrums, it is clear that the boats further to the east are sailing a faster angle and making gains.

    Scallywag and team AkzoNobel, both of whom cut the corner on the right hand turn a few days ago, are now paying the price. Both have sacrificed ...
    Published on 02-14-2018 05:05 PM
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    In October 2017, two sailors from Hawaii and a dog were rescued by the US Navy from their cruising sail boat, 'Sea Nymph', 1000 miles off the coast of Japan after drifting at sea for nearly five months in their damaged boat, and abandoning their vessel in the process. ...
    Published on 02-14-2018 04:15 PM
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    Day 92

    Noon Position: 47 18S 39 28E

    Course/Speed: E6+

    Wind: SWS 15-20

    Sail: Full working jib

    Bar: 1027

    Sea: SW8, steep

    Sky: Overcast

    Cabin Temp: 50

    Water Temp: 38

    Miles last 24-hours: 169

    Longitude Miles Made Good: 155

    Miles since departure: 12,435

    Published on 02-14-2018 04:04 PM
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    Last night, Maserati Multi 70 tacked and headed towards the coastline, before tacking again just 30 miles off Dakar. Always upwind, the ...
    Published on 02-14-2018 11:13 AM
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    Team AkzoNobel leads Leg 6 from China to New Zealand after an intense opening week

    A week after leaving Hong Kong, China on the sixth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race bound for Auckland, New Zealand team AkzoNobel is leading the six-boat fleet on the approach to the equator.

    The opening seven days of the 11,000 kilometer passage has seen some of the most challenging racing of the round the world race so far, beginning with 72-hours of punishing upwind sailing in strong winds and big waves as the fleet pushed eastward towards the southern tip of the island of Taiwan.

    Published on 02-13-2018 10:15 AM
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    Finally trade winds for Maserati Multi 70, skipper Giovanni Soldini and his crew (Guido Broggi, Sébastien Audigane, Oliver Herrera Perez and Alex Pella). After struggling for two days to pass through a tropical depression, ...
    Published on 02-13-2018 09:45 AM
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    Damage to Vestas finally revealed up close. The damage done indicates the force of the impact
    and how the foam filled bow section ( crash box) properly performed and deflected the strikes
    impact on the bow. A more conventional vessel would have most likely sank on the scene.

    Published on 02-12-2018 01:31 PM
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    On February 12th, the Vestas 11th Hour Racing yacht was offloaded from the transport ship in Tauranga, New Zealand, by our shore crew with the help of GAC Pindar. The boat was then transported on Monday evening by truck 200 kilometers to a ...
    Published on 02-12-2018 10:48 AM
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    The winning move for Leg 4 saw Scallywag take the inside track on a left hand turn towards Hong Kong. This week, the Scallywags are looking for a repeat performance on the way to New Zealand...

    On Leg 4, racing into their home port of Hong Kong, SHK/Scallywag made a radical choice exiting the doldrums, cutting the corner and taking the inside track towards the finish line. As a result, they sailed less miles and passed the entire fleet en route to a spectacular victory.