• And the Results are in! WIRW 2011

    Being one of the many sponsors to WIRW, Pressure Drop provided some garb for the nightly prizes in the tent. Saving the best for last Friday was Pressure Drop Day and wouldn't you know it that on Friday the only race that was won was first to the dock and ice cream shop in Coopeville, which was handily won by the Humboldt 30 First Edition. Not be left out though, Friday's awards combined with the weeks overall Trophies to give each of the winners a handful of swag for their 4 day's efforts on the course. Getting 12 races in over the 4 day's was incredible. But now it's time to go over my picks with the actual results....

    Class 0 I picked 1 Shrek, 2 White Cloud, 3 Jackrabbit - in the end Shrek won with 17 points followed by Jackrabbit taking 2nd, winning the tie breaker over Teddy Bear in third. One for three on those picks with White Cloud coming in at 5th.

    Class 1 I picked 1 Nefarious, 2 Tiger Lilly, 2 65_Red Roses. The final results had Prowler in 1st with only 14 points followed by Tiger Lilly in 2nd and Nefarious in 3rd. Again, one for three after 4 day's of racing... The two Tigers dominated in the Penn Cove conditions WIRW provided - I'm guessing they'll be back next year.

    Class 2, the huge PHRF scramble, I picked - 1 Dangerous When Wet, 2 Absolutely, 3 What? A Trip. No luck at all on this one. Absolutely produced a dominating performance with the help of their new Ballard Sails Main not getting less than a 3rd in the 16 boat fleet. Tantivy came in 2nd with 28 points and Dangerous When Wet came in 3rd with 31.5 points. Not the performance I expected from Winnard, but a very respectable 3rd in the large tough fleet. What? A Trip? ended 6th, with 61 points....

    For the Melges 24's I picked - 1 Peteron, 2 Area 51, 3 Fast Forward but with Area 51 not showing up and being scored DNC for every race my picks got thrown out the door. But an unexpected and kinda cool thing happend with the oldest Melges in the fleet, #11 Leker dominating the week, taking first over some very well sailed boats. 2nd was Peteron, 3 points behind the leader and 3rd was Mikey losing the tiebreaker to Peteron.

    Next on the list was the Santa Cruz 27's - sailing their nationals to some spectacular conditions. I had picked - 1 Little Blue Dune Buggy, 2 Hanalei, 3 Cookie Monster. In the end I was one for three again. Little Blue Dune Buggy with their full quiver of Ballard Sails easily took 1st with only 18 points after the 4 day's of racing. Following the LBDB was the pretty red machine Gotcha with 31 points and then the local favorite, Wild Rumpus in third with 37 points. Read more about the SC27 Nationals first hand HERE.

    Class 5, the J105's, I had picked - 1 USAWI, 2 Allegro Vivace, 3 Dulcinea - 0 for three at the end as USAWI didn't show up! In the end Delirium dominated the week taking first easily with only 15 points. 2nd and 3rd where tied at 21 points with Last Tango winning the tie breaker over Allegro Vivace.

    Class 6, the co-starters with class 5, the J80's was easily won by Crazy Ivan, my pick for 1st. But in Second and Third I had picked 2 Skye Rocket, 3 Taj Mahal. No luck for me on second as the Idaho boys on Go Fish took 2nd with 26 points but Taj Mahal helped me out by taking 3rd, losing the tie breaker to Go Fish. 2 for three, my best picks yet

    Class 7, the little sport boats, I had picked - 1 Dos, 2 Dragonfly, 3 Uno. In the end the two Sierra 26's dominated the week with Dos and Uno trading leads for the 4 day's of racing. Dos ended up 1st with 14 points followed by Uno with 16 points. The unexpected Atrim 27 Bad Dog snuck in at third with 44 points. 1 for three again

    Class 8, the small little PHRF fleet, I had picked - 1 Here & Now, 2 Kiwi Express, 3 First Edition. One for 3 again as the boys on the Black Boat easily took first with their new Quantum sails with only 16 points over the 2nd place J29 Slick at 27 points. 3rd was the well sailed Hotfoot 31 Xcentric winning the tie breaker over the Farr 1020 Kiwi Express, leaving them in 4th.

    Class 9 I had picked - 1 Blue Martini, 2 Symbiosis, 3 Imzadi - 0 for three here as the boat we all thought would be the fleet sleeper ended up taking the week with 15 points, easily giving first to the Cascade 36 RainDrop. Blue Martini ended up 2nd with 25 points followed by Bodacious in third with 35 points.

    Class 10 I had picked 1 Arturo, 2 Bob, 3 Skookum Too - 0 for 3 again as the week was won by the Olson 25 Yeah Dog with 17 points followed by the other Olson 25 Astra with 25 points. The S2 7.9 Sugar Magnolia took 3rd with 30 points - none of my picks helped me out with Arturo not even making the event.

    Finally Class 11 I had picked 1 Alert, 2 Skamokawa, 3 Magic Juan - 0 for 3 again as Skamokawa decided 2nd wasn't good enough and took 1st easily with 15 points. Magic Juan shifted up to 2nd with 22 points and Jumping Black Flash sat just behind them in third with 23 points.

    Overall went to the old IOR 1 ton Absolutely to a ruckus cheer from the audience. Not a good week of picks on my part but a valiant effort and a fun week again in Oak Harbor Washington.....Full results, commentaries and pictures can be found in the forums or at the Whidbey Island Race Week Website.