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    Published on 03-26-2020 10:02 AM
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    Shackles & Cotterpins - The Vic-Maui Newsletter

    Vic-Maui announces cancellation of the 2020 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race

    Vic-Maui has completed a review related ...
    Published on 02-19-2020 09:13 AM
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    Olympia Yacht Club's Toliva Shoal Race is always a challenge. Sometimes the challenge is making the time limit, sometimes withstanding February temperatures. This past Saturday the challenge was dealing with a serious blow interrupted occasionally by some truly light wind conditions. Bruce Hedrick predicted the blow for those who checked Sailish on Friday evening. Jan Anderson provided the photos below. Results.

    We have two reports, one from PHRF 3 class winner Robert King on String Theory, ...
    Published on 01-05-2020 08:07 AM
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    Long Beach, Wash. — The Coast Guard rescued a man after his sailing vessel became disabled dangerously close to the surf near Peacock Spit Friday about one mile from the shore near Cape ...
    Published on 11-13-2019 02:41 PM
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    Report from Kurt Hoehne WWW.Sailish.com

    It seems the Round the County race always serves up one marginal race day and one great race day. This past weekend, Saturday was truly marginal and Sunday could be called “OK,” especially if you were playing the shore along San Juan Island.

    Saturday’s start verged on silly. Some boats were barely able cross the start before the time limit for starting expired. A lot of boats were stuck not far from the start line for hours. The race turned into a nice ...
    Published on 10-31-2019 11:54 AM
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    The Seattle YC's Fall Classic Dials Up Epic Winds

    Verbs visa Kurt Hoehne www.sailish.com

    Grand Prix may not be the focal point of end-of-season sailing that it once was, but it can still cook up some great conditions. With winds topping 30 knots on Saturday, crews got a workout and gear ...
    Published on 10-02-2019 01:48 PM
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    Body of missing Franklin HS counselor found off Oregon Coast
    Hoang Minh Tran was reported missing Saturday night after sailing out of Newport earlier in the day
    KOIN's Amy Frazier REPORTS

    PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A body found off the coast of Yaquina Bay belongs to a Clackamas man reported missing on Saturday evening, ...
    Published on 08-20-2019 10:21 AM
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    Legend has it that in a certain stretch of Puget Sound, there lays a paranormal phenomenon
    which rises from the depths and takes it unwitting ...
    Published on 07-31-2019 04:02 PM
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    PORT ANGELES — An Everett man died Tuesday night when the boat he was operating struck a salmon pen in Port Angeles Harbor, city police said.

    Robert R. Elliot, 62, and his three passengers were just south of Ediz Hook when the small fiberglass boat struck a salmon pen at about 9:45 p.m., Port Angeles police ...
    Published on 07-04-2019 04:14 PM
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    With all the hoopla currently occurring at our Southern border and invite to duel with our neighbors at our Northern border seemed appropriate. Since we have not erected a great, great wall and made the Canadians pay for it a large contingent of sailors made the trek South from this frozen nation to compete ...
    Published on 06-12-2019 08:30 AM
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    It was a five cruise ship day in Ketchikan, and the irony was not lost on those paying attention and all the R2AK fans and families who gathered in the Alaska Fish House that, as the nearest supply of dry and warm, has become the official finish line waiting room for the expectant recipients of a newborn winner of the R2AK. One dock over, the floating buffet tables were starting to gather their ...
    Published on 06-11-2019 08:31 AM
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    NORTH BEND, Ore. — The Coast Guard rescued a man who fell into the Crater Lake caldera, Monday afternoon, assisting the National Park Service and a District 3 Technical Rope Rescue Team.

    An ...
    Published on 06-10-2019 05:21 PM
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    Team Angry Beaver finished the 2019 Race 2 Alaska @ 14:56 today to claim the $10,000.00
    cash prize, a 12 pack of cold beer and the 1st to ring the bell honors.

    The team of Matt Pistay, Gavin Bracket, Brent ...
    Published on 06-10-2019 12:40 PM
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    image © sean trew/pacific frog

    The remoteness of the BC coast has always been key to this thing. A big part of why the R2AK needed to exist was to get more people into the self-supported adventure that can only happen when you’re outside of your comfort zone and in a place where no one will hear you scream.

    There’s a fleeting rarity and holiness to being beyond the reach of communication. Doubt ...
    Published on 06-09-2019 12:18 PM
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    This was going to be the day. Teams Pear Shaped Racing, Angry Beaver, and Givin’ the Horns running tight and fast, clearing the gates of Seymour, set up for Johnstone, the Queen Charlotte Sound, and then a sleigh ride forecast of 20+ southerlies in Hecate to and through Bella Bella. Southerlies in Hecate?!?! This would be a 1 in 5 rarity to have favorable wind in Hecate. This was going to be big: a downwind fight and maybe the fastest run through R2AK’s back nine that this race has ever seen. For us here in the R2AK command bunker and the R2AK nation ...
    Published on 06-08-2019 12:42 PM
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    2019 Day 2: Redlight/Greenlight with Seymour Narrows
    Clip of the Day
    24 Hour Fact Sheet
    photo credit: Drew Malcolm

    Unless you’re Joseph Heller or that crazy guy on the corner, stories are expected to be chronological. Establish a reality, create affinity with the protagonists, introduce conflict, create some sort of climax, and then resolve everything by the end of the third act. These things have rules. To the ‘Cant. Stop. Watching.’ chagrin of the ...
    Published on 06-07-2019 12:42 PM
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    2019 Day 1: Go
    Clip of the Day
    24 Hour Fact Sheet
    photo credit: Mitchell Osborn

    There are still moments in every life when you stare into the precipice of possibility, toe up to the edge, and peer over the cliff of the unknown. It’s not the day you leave for college, get married, join the army, start chemo—it’s the day, hour, and 15 minutes before; the resigned and the fleeting finite between you and the whatever irreversible-maybe ...
    Published on 06-06-2019 01:09 PM
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    2019 Day 0: The fleet licks its wounds

    photo credit: Charley Starr

    Other than a collective wide-eyed retelling of the tortured water they all just crossed, and a shared desire to rename the Strait of ‘What the Fuca?’, if there was a theme to Victoria’s lay day it was ‘repair.’ Few teams sailed across the border storm unscathed. The carnage was everywhere, and all over the docks teams were scurrying for supplies, ...
    Published on 06-05-2019 01:52 PM
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    “It was crazy, waves were coming out of everywhere… I’ve never been in conditions like that.” – Team Ghost the Coast.

    All across R2AK nation, day 2 started early, angry, and asking, “Are they going to make it?” to coffee mugs, tracker screens, and unsuspecting family members still rubbing sleep out of their eyes.

    For teams on the southern side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the day 2 soundtrack was a mixtape mashup of amps to 11 howling wind against the deafening tick of an imaginary ...
    Published on 06-04-2019 02:15 PM
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    2019 Stage 1 Day 1: The best kind of 5 am
    24 Hour Fact Sheet
    photo credit: Team Sail Like A Girl

    In the beginning there was darkness. Across the internet and Port Townsend, the slumbering heads of R2AK teams and fans alike ‘celebrated’ the annual hitting of the 3:45, 3:53, 4:01 am snooze bar before excitement got the better of their better instincts, and peeled their human forms from grumpy horizontal to whatever excited orientation would get them to the starting line by 5 am. The merciful gods who owned the closest coffee shop opened at 4:00, ...
    Published on 06-03-2019 08:53 PM
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    We had a pre-race meeting so we can discuss our watch schedule (we didn't really need to do any watches but we wanted to test it out and practice our transitions), our navigator (Neil) took us through our strategy for the day.

    The forecast was for medium air, 18-22 knots which is middle of the range for the Figaro 2 - typically full main, water ballasts and weight on the rail. Power on and you let the boat take you on a wild ride.

    The boat is heavy for offshore (yeah, that's why we have four bikes), ...