• Pier 30-32 and Pier 40 Updates

    Mark boats are all set up at Pier 40 after being shipped to Southern Cal then motoring up the coast. 27 knots top end speed for these boats made specifically for the Americas Cup, but they generally just hove in position.

    It's move in day at pier 30-32, the load in should take 2-3 days then the crews can begin
    assembling boats, which will be launched next week. Practice races will commence on the 15th

    The access dock was brought up from Pier 80

    The clang-clang-clanging you hear while driving down the embarcadero is these massive
    piling being driven in next door, which will become theBrannan Street Wharf Brannan Street Wharf, which promises to be a new 57,000 square foot public park over the water and parallel to the Embarcadero Promenade.

    Brannan Street Wharf will be a wedge-shaped park, with its narrowest point located south of Pier 30-32, then extending south for 830 feet, widening to about 140-feet at the south end, between Pier 36 and Pier 38. The major project components include a 400-foot length lawn area, a waterside walkway with seating, a shade structure, and a small-craft floating dock for kayaks and recreational water vessels. The design remembers its San Francisco waterfront history by taking on the shape of Pier 36 in its original location, and through interpretive exhibits. The Wharf is designed mostly flat with the lawn contained in a raised planter of about 18-inches in height and surrounded by a seat wall
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