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    Published on 04-23-2018 03:31 PM
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    2018 OYRA Full Crewed Lightship : One Lump Or Two?

    Adrenalin above and Hano Ho Below

    Saturdays annual kick off to the ORA offshore season, began as scheduled, with 1st gun off the GGYC at 9:30 as scheduled. With 60 boats in 6 division eager to get on the ebb escalator, enjoying light winds and wall to wall sunshine. The RC got two divisions headed out before the wind took a siesta. The lucky early fleets had just enough wind to climb up towards the center span before the breeze ...
    Published on 04-17-2018 10:28 AM
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    An even 100 shorthanded crews signed for the Single Handed Sailing Society's
    "Round The Rocks" race on Saturday. A 19.3 nm jaunt from the Berkeley Circle, up and over
    "The Rock" Alcatraz, and up to Harding Rock and then north the Bothers, leaving all to starboard,
    then back south leaving Red Rock to port and finishing in the Potrero Reach at the RYC Race Platform.

    Conditions were as expected, light to medium at start with winds in the ...
    Published on 04-10-2018 06:47 PM
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    The Kaneohe Yacht Club played host to 22 teams of International 14's over the past 4 days
    for the 2018 Pacific Rims. Conditions varied from light and rainy to semi sunny with 15 -20 knot over 4 days of racing.

    The RC managed to squeeze in 9 races on the 1st 3 days and concluded the regatta with the Hawaiian State Championship ...
    Published on 04-09-2018 03:29 PM
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    Moore 24 White Trash Coorects Out To Win 2018 DHLS

    Forecasts for the week leading up the 2018 Doublehanded Lightship Race looked bleak, with a monumental amount of rain starting 36 hours prior to the start and maxing out just about the time of the start with strong winds from south thrown in for entertainment value. But as luck would have it, the peak of the late season inundation passed through the Bay Area in the wee hours, leaving just a thick, moisture ladened marine layer, and a massive outflow ...
    Published on 03-26-2018 02:22 PM
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    2018 Double Handed Farallones

    55 shorthanded teams departed the calm waters of San Francisco Bay early Saturday morning and headed out into the turbulent waters of the Gulf of the Farallones for the 1st ocean race of the 2018 season. March had been particularly stormy, after a benign February, and the forecast for the weekend, left the door open for another batch of atmospheric instability.
    Indeed, just as thing were getting underway for the 08:30 start, a weak, yet very cold pulse of moisture and associated breeze greeted the fleet before dispersing to the west. A generous supply of ebb, assisted with recent runoff made the exit a swift one, with a majority of the fleet past Bonita within an hours’ time.

    From there the fleet dispersed, some choose the southerly route, anticipating a forecasted southerly shift in wind that would lift them towards the islands, others stayed in or near the channel, riding the ebb for all it was worth, while a few others opted for a right side exodus, perhaps anticipating a northerly shift in wind.

    The forecast of 8-9 foot seas with 8-9 second period, thankfully never developed, and the wind remained in a very manageable 15-20 knot realm with plenty of sunshine for all. The multihulls were the 1st to reach the islands with Rafi Yahalom and Marco McGee on the Corsair 31’ Looking Good crossing just ahead of Randy Miller and Colin Dunphy aboard Randy’ Open 8.5 Mama Tried as the clock slipped past the 13:00 mark. Looking good took wide path around the Island while Mama Tried took the inside route and passed them in the process. “ We got our kite up in short order and it looked like they had some issues which gave us a nice cushion. We both had taken a southern hitch on the way out which paid off, but theirs came later than ours and put them just ahead as we reached the Island, Randy explains.

    The two tris would lead the parade of multis back to the Gate, in conditions near ideal for parades, 15-20 dead astern with a following sea. Mama Tried, sailing her 1st NorCal offshore event would hold off Looking Good and finish with an elapsed time of 07:34:05, with an 8 minute and 38 second delta. It was Mama Tried 1st bullet under new ownership, but podium position is nothing new to Randy, who has enjoyed a number of great races on his Marstrom 32’ in recent years. That boat suffered structural failure in the Big Boat Series in 2016. “We bought her for less than it was going to cost to rebuild the Marstrom, and so far, she has lived up to her expectations. The Open 8.5 meter is quite popular in New Zealand, but they have not caught on here yet” Randy adds.

    Mama Tried was brought to the US by Pete Melvin, who raced and cruised her while working for ETNZ a few years back, then sailed he in SoCal for a few years before selling her to the Burd brothers, who won the Race to Alaska last year on her. Randy won that race the previous year on the Marstom, and has not ruled out returning for another run, but for now will focus on short handed distance races locally.

    In the monohull sector, it was all about ultralights with waterline and big kites. And this time, lighter was righter. Rufus Sjoberg and Dylan Benjamin sailed a near flawless race, riding the ebb for all it was worth straight out the shipping channel. “Got the escalator ride out and swell was very manageable” Rufus said. His Melges 32’ Rufless does not like big sea state on the nose and the boats just aren’t upwind machines, but once they set the kite, the tables turn dramatically. Rufless rounded the island well behind California Condor, but managed to keep pace on the ride back in. “There wasn’t a lot of opportunity to surf, but we were plenty powered up and could sail deeper than the other asymmetrical’s, and when we got near Bonita and saw Condor just ahead, It was like No Way” Rufus explains… If Condor had one bad move, it might have been going to far south towards China Beach and seemed to flounder for a while in bad current and lighter air. It was enough for Rufless to gain some ground, and finish ...
    Published on 03-24-2018 12:26 PM
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    Select images from the Marin side for the start...

    Published on 03-10-2018 02:48 PM
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    On a day more apt for sturgeon fishing than sailboat racing, millpond conditions on the Bezerkely Flats
    had more milling than sailing for Saturday's Buoy Racing. Hopes the wind ...
    Published on 03-09-2018 02:24 PM
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    Introducing the YRA JUMBO CUP!

    A number of larger boat skippers have approached the YRA and indicated they would like a set of races that are longer in distance, 20 plus miles, and a set of race specifically for larger, faster boats. We listened to their feedback, and we are pleased to introduce The YRA Jumbo Cup! This ...
    Published on 03-08-2018 09:43 AM
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    All but 4 boats have finished the race, with a large flurry in the dark last night and in the wee
    hours this morning, Cazan, Tropic Thunder, Cabernet Sky and Fractions are still working their
    way to PV and perhaps a cerveza or 6 and a large platter of carnitas!

    Marjorie most likely unexpected to be on the podium, in Line Honors, but there they are!
    Tracy Oberts 59' Custom sailing under ...
    Published on 03-07-2018 03:06 PM
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    The Double Handed Farallones Of Course!

    Enter HERE! ...
    Published on 03-06-2018 10:01 AM
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    Mighty Merloe finished with a flurry, completing the 1,136 nm course in 2d 3h 58m 21s, crossing the finish line
    last evening at 16:18 for line honors. For the rest of the fleet that missed the northerly blast yesterday coming to the
    Gulf of California, things are looking slower over the next couple days:

    COURSE RECORD SET: Mighty Merloe (ORMA 60, HL Enloe) sets the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta course record at 2 days, 3 hours, 58 minutes, 21 seconds. The new time is 4 hours faster than the 2014 run by Tom Siebel's Mod70 Orion.

    San Diego Yacht Club is proud to host the 2018 Vallarta Race, featuring 28 race boats sailing the 1,000nm course from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Racing to the Mexican mainland is a tradition for SDYC going back to 1953.


    Current Wind Conditions

    Wednesday Noon Projection

    Thursday Noon Projection

    Leaderboard shift:

    Currently ...
    Published on 03-05-2018 10:08 AM
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    Most recent 4 hours delayed chart show Mighty Merloe taking the lead overall and has just passed Cabo!
    She is currently estimated to arrive in Puerto Vallarta before 20:00 tonite!

    Greetings from the crew of Mighty Merloe. We are currently at the southern tip of Baja positioning to make the transition into the Gulf of California. Clear skies, bright moon, 13 knots of wind, cruising along at a civilized 20 knots of boat speed.

    After a front passed through the morning of our start,
    Published on 03-04-2018 09:30 AM
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    San Diego, CA (March 4, 2018) - Everyone is on the race course... and judging from 0600 comments from the boat, most are having a classic race to Mexico. Winds are generally from aft of the shrouds, sea states are moderate and 'pushy', and the temperature is rising. One boat, Jim Madden's Stark Raving Mad, less so. SRM retired Saturday morning with a reported injury to a crew members finger. The boat diverted to San Quintin and the crew member was driven back to San Diego ...
    Published on 03-02-2018 06:45 PM
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    San Diego, CA (March 2, 2018) - For the first roll call of San Diego Yacht Club's 2018 Puerto Vallarta Race, it was clear that Peter Isler's weather briefing the morning before had been spot on. "You're going to have a banner evening with full moon and full breeze..." he advised.

    Thus this from Marjorie Friday morning: "...Just as Peter promised – bright worm moon, building breeze and great sailing...", and "...sacrificed ...
    Published on 03-01-2018 02:21 PM
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    The Vallarta Race 2018 is officially underway with the first 3 boats getting their start on Thursday. The rest of the teams can be found enjoying beer and tacos along with Mariachis provided by partner Bay City Brewing and Mexico Tourism at the San Diego Yacht Club for the Kick Off Race Party tonight as they gear up for their starts on Friday and Saturday.

    Returning crowd favorite Mighty Merloe will be trying to break the course record of 2 days, 8 hours, and 55 minutes. Crew member Will Suto shared some excitement for this year�s race, �I'm looking forward to sailing under the full moon, making ...
    Published on 02-27-2018 09:01 AM
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    Registration Open for 2018 California Offshore Race Week

    Welcome to the 2018 California Offshore Race Week! Encinal Yacht Club, San Francisco Yacht Club, Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, Santa Barbara Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club ...
    Published on 02-26-2018 05:01 PM
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    The 2nd event in the Single-Handed Sailing Society’s 2018 season was held this past Saturday and hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club. 129 entries makes this the 2nd most popular event on the short handed circuit, right behind the legendary 3Bridge Fiasco.

    Cool crisp conditions and a sun cloud mix, with a waning ebb greeted the fleet for the 11:00 start off Pt. Knox. 14 divisions with single handed and double handed boats and an 18nm course that rounded ...
    Published on 02-20-2018 10:15 AM
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    2018 CYC Mid Winters February
    The February edition of the Corinthian YC’s Party Circuit Regatta came in like a rabbit and marched out like a Rhino. A stampeding herd of Rhinos.

    Saturday’s warm sunshine and building westerly ushered out what had been a near 2-week sabbatical from winter for Northern California residents. Temps in the 70’s during the day with cool crisp nights had many swapping out their coats and dungarees for shorts and tee shirts.

    Saturdays ...
    Published on 02-18-2018 01:39 PM
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    The Mills 68 Prospector completed the course in 6:43:14, 2 hours and 20 minute plus ahead of nearest boat.
    For more info on her Clicky

    San Diego, CA (February 17, 2018) For the ninth year, San Diego Yacht Club and Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted the 130nm Islands Race on February 16 and 17. Kicking off the 2018 offshore racing season in Southern ...
    Published on 02-16-2018 01:57 PM
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    SAN PEDRO, Calif. — A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued three people and their cat from a vessel taking on water approximately six nautical miles west of Point Piedras Blancas Monday.

    The ...