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    Published on 10-17-2018 02:35 PM

    Ronnie Simpson has put together a 20 minute wrap up of the 2018 Pac Cup

    Joe Bob says "Check It Out" ...
    Published on 10-10-2018 01:31 PM
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    After some cage rattling, we managed to scare up some answers:

    The Location for the SF Village will indeed be between the StFYC and the GGYC

    The setup will probably start for a week to 10 days ...
    Published on 10-07-2018 10:16 AM
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    Twenty three hydrofoiling kiteboarders lined up on Saturday, October 6th for the Kite Foil Pacific Coast Championship. Organized by The US Sailing Center – Long Beach the racing kicked off in a clean southwesterly ...
    Published on 10-06-2018 01:53 PM
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    October 5, 2018

    Day 1

    Noon Position: 35 33N 124 06W

    Course/Speed: SSW 7

    Wind: NNW 17-19

    Sea: NNW 6

    Sky: Mostly clear. Some thin cumulus

    Bar: 1022 and falling

    Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 68

    Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 62

    Percent Relative Humidity: 71

    Sail: #1 genoa out full; one reef in main; ...
    Published on 10-06-2018 01:35 PM
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    Michele Profant provides a nice selection of images from last weekends Express 37 Nationals
    hosted by the Berkeley Yacht Club which started off with a bang (See Below). Michele is part owner of the
    Golden Moon which has utilized it's platform for year to get new faces out on the water.

    Shawn Ivie's Limitless would dethrone Golden Moon to become National Champions with 12 points in 5 races over 3 days.
    Bartz Schnieder's Expeditious in 2nd with 18, one point less than Brendan Busch's Spy vs Spy.

    Published on 10-02-2018 12:45 PM
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    It was not a surprise, this start. Jo and I had picked the departure date two months ago, targeting a weekend when she was free combined with a convenient ebb. The wind would be what it was, and it was usually northwest.

    Almost a year ago, I had ...
    Published on 10-01-2018 10:14 AM
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    A warm fall morning greeted the San Francisco Bay on Sunday, with light easterlies, balmy temps and glorious sunshine. The easterly provided crews a lengthy siesta for the final day of the 2018 PAC52 Cup, and the last race of the year for the 2018 PAC52 5 stop series. Entering in to the day RIO had claimed 4 bullets in the previous 5 races, with a total of 8 points, The Hand lay in 2nd with 12, BadPak had the only other bullet and a total ...
    Published on 09-30-2018 08:37 AM
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    Saturday’s dawn broke over the San Francisco Bay Area with a tropical flare if you will, very reminiscent of the warmth and humidity one might experience in Rio, the iconic beach city of Brazil, from which Manouch Moshayedi’s Ferrari Orange 52’ has inherited her name. It is a tad bit complicated, but the chain of grand prix boats the Moshayedi has owned has born the name.
    With the same early season ...
    Published on 09-29-2018 08:05 AM
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    RIO and BadPak Take Opening Day At 2018 PAC 52 CUP

    An early season low pressure system moved in to Northern California on Friday, and with it brought unusually cool over cast skies for San Francisco in late September, which is normally the Bay Area belated hot spell. The southwestern flow bringing with it, a nice sea breeze which would build throughout the course of the day.

    Published on 09-26-2018 09:48 AM
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    The Richmond Yacht Club hosted the 2018 49er & FX North Americans over the weekend, in conditions that stayed in the
    sub 20's but drenched in sunshine. The fleet, comprised of Olympic hopefuls, mostly from other parts of the country,
    and two teams from Canada, most of whom will inger through this week to do additional training via the Treasure Island Sailing Center.

    The RC managed to squeeze in 15 races over 4 days...

    The official RYC Reportee

    Published on 09-20-2018 02:29 PM
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    In Race 2 Day one of the Rolex Big Boat Series, the wind spike up pretty good at the weather mark

    RIO's spin tack line released just after the set with a large pop as she, Interlodge and Invisible Hand round the weather mark in tandem...Interlodge has to do a huge instant gybe to avoid collision, while RIO continues to ...
    Published on 09-18-2018 09:12 AM
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    Following in Bernard Moitessier's wake? Australian Mark Sinclair made an impromptu stop in Table Bay to hand across films, just as French sailing legend Bernard Moitessier did during the inaugural GGR 50 years before – then inexplicably continued cruising around the Cape and up the east coast towards Port Elizabeth, rather than follow the fleet down into the Southern ...
    Published on 09-17-2018 01:48 PM
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    After Saturday’s chilly windy start and lengthy on the water marathon, crews welcomed the warm sun and lighter winds to start the Sunday ROLEX Big Boat Series Finale Bay Tour. Well at least the warm sun part. Entering the day, Frank Slootman’s Invisible Hand had already secured the series class title with a 5-point advantage over 2nd place RIO, and didn’t have to sail. “We came to sail, so sail ...
    Published on 09-16-2018 07:55 AM
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    Saturday September 15 came in like a Lion and went out with a bang! With a strong residual ebb sucking out of the Bay, and winds ripping in in the 20-25 knot range at the start of play, the awe factor was pegged to the 11 mark on the Spinal Tap volume scale. Picking up where they left off the day before, the PAC 52’s moseyed over to the Alcatraz starting area for a 13.8 nm Course 7 breakfast. ...
    Published on 09-15-2018 08:05 PM
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    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Strong airs and freshening white caps greeted the third day of racing at the 54th edition of the Rolex Big Boat Series, hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club. Long uphill bashes in three to four-foot seas and 20 knots, gusting higher, were rewarded with blistering downwind runs and adrenaline-saturated kite rides juiced ...
    Published on 09-15-2018 09:08 AM
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    Friday’s racing on the Bay was greeted with cooler yet colorful weather as an early season weather front rotated offshore pulling in subtropical high elevation clouds from the south, and lower elevation stratus from the north. Racing for the PAC 52 class began off of Treasure Island, with course 14, an 11.5-mile jaunt up to Fort Mason, back to the starting area gates, back to Fort Mason return to the Gates and an upwind finish ...
    Published on 09-15-2018 06:27 AM
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    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — What goes up must come down, but the flat, fast conditions that greeted sailors at Day One of the 54th edition of the Rolex Big Boat Series, hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California (September 12-16, 2018), continued on Day Two, following a short postponement to let the breeze gather. But once the starting guns began sounding, racers were rewarded for their pre-racing patience ...
    Published on 09-13-2018 09:45 PM
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    Day One Provides Excellent Thrills for PAC52 Fleet At 2018 Rolex Big Boat Series

    Sunshine, big currents, and wide variety of winds provide the PAC 52 a superb variety of challenges in the 1st two races of the StFYC Big Boat Series sponsored by Rolex. A short delay to low tide preventing the deeper draft boat kept the 52’s from starting until noon on the Alcatraz ...
    Published on 09-13-2018 08:55 AM
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    The predictive wind forecasts show bundles of sun and fun for the fleet in the 2018 St Francis YC Big Boat Series sponsored by Rolex. With winds expected in the 15 -25 knot range, temps in the mid 60's to low 70's, the PAC 52 fleet will be battling on the edge and eating up the racecourse in spectacular fashion. The prior 3 Southern California stop ...
    Published on 09-12-2018 09:55 AM
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    Welch Wins 2018 Diversified Melges 24 U.S. National Championship Trophy, Pierce Captures Corinthian Division Title

    Belvedere, CA (September 11, 2018) - The 2018 Diversified Melges 24 U.S. National Championship, hosted by The San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere, CA concluded ...