• Chasing The Elusive Big Cat

    An afternoon spent chasing the Oracle 72' yields limited success, just when you think you have a bea on their angle of attack, they gybe or tack, and despite the sizable ebb, they are gone in a heart beat.

    Lots of long legs on the north side of the bay, where the wind was stongest, high teens and lower 20's...runs deep the edge of the Berkeley flats and back again...quit a few foiling moments, but noting I witnessed sustained. A long day for crew, which sail past 17:00.Work does not slow when the crew hits the dock, with tasks galore for all. Here the mast base counterweight is hoisted.

    Part monkey, part Felix Baumgartner, the mast climber get lifted to the rig top to affix a stopping and remove the anemometer. The guy in the crane? He get to climb the whole way up too! No elevators in this rig....

    Hosers. 2 of em, 1 filling and one washing

    Anemometer stuffed in back of shirt, the mast monkey brings the lifting straps into postion....

    Then it's all up to the crane operator

    It's a VERY long day and it's not over yet. Mast still must be removed, the boat and wing carted in, showers, debriefs and a crew dinner...tomorrows another day..up at 04:00?
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