• Breaking Down The Red Bull Youth Americas Cup

    Breaking Down The Red Bull Youth Americas Cup

    Until now, the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup has been a bit of a murky matter. The concept was set down but the details were not yet cast in stone and it was not until a meeting with ACRM management Iain Murray, Andy Hindley, Melanie Roberts, Hannah Davis, John Craig, Mike Martin and Red Bull Extreme Sailing Chiefs, Roman Hagara, Hans Peter Steinacher in the 2nd week of October to resolve some of the pertinent matters at hand. When all was settled following was established:

    • September 20, 2012: Entry Application Closed

    • October-November 2012: Red Bull (Roman Hagara & Hans Peter Steinacher) in conjunction with Iain Murray, Regatta Director to select teams to invite to the Independent Entry Selection Series

    • December 1, 2012: Successful teams receive invitation to Independent Entry Selection Series

    • February 9-24, 2013: Independent Entry Selection Series, Location: San Francisco

    • Boats: Four AC45s - exactly as used in the America’s Cup World Series

    • Up to 16 teams will take part in the Selection Series
    - Roman Hagara & Hans Peter Steinacher in conjunction with Iain Murray, Regatta Director will be responsible for selecting teams to participate

    • At least 4 teams, possibly up to 7 will proceed through the selection to the Red Bull Youth America's Cup

    • Every team making it to the trials will sail and race an AC45

    • Experienced AC45 sailors will be available to teach the teams about the boat and give them first hand advice on how to get the best out of the boat

    • The race management team behind the AC World Series and the America's Cup will run the Selection Series

    • February 1st: First day teams can train in an AC45

    • Training opportunities at ACWS events April/May 2013 - Red Bull boat on tour

    • June 15th: All AC45s at Pier 80 for ACRM to prepare & maintain
    - Full maintenance program for every AC45
    - All boats branded
    - All sails checked and distributed

    • July 15th: First day teams can access/sail an AC45 at Pier 80

    • August 22nd - 31st: Practice Racing Period (run by ACRM)

    • September 1st - 4th: Red Bull Youth America’s Cup
    - 8 races, bonus points in final race

    Pier 80 will serve as training center for the invited teams, as of which will be whittled down from the 20 plus so paid applications received thus far. It is up to the ACWS teams to announce their own automatic entries. They will be allowed to train as much as they wish from February 1st, provided their host team okays it! For the selection series training, there will be on board coaches from the host teams and 4 AC45’s for the candidates to rotate through.

    There will be 15 AC45’s at the ready when the racing takes place in August, and the coverage will be very similar to that of which we have seen in AC World Series thus far. In a recent interview with Vince Casalaina, Peter Steinacher was asked what the concept was behind the Redbull Youth Americas Cup:

    “Red Bull has always been attracted to high energy sports and looking for new talent. This is the 1st time young sailors can jump into Formula 1 type boats and compete against each other, and at the same time, show the America’s Cup teams how good they are and maybe get a contract for the next Americas Cup!

    A formal announcement from the ACRM and Red Bull will follow in the days ahead!

    Some of the teams already established their candidacy for the 2013 Red Bull Youth Americas Cup, the two Local SF Teams

    American Youth Sailing Force: http://americanyouthsailingforce.com/

    Team City Front: http://www.teamcityfront.com/

    Some additional teams from elsewhere about the State, Country and World:

    Quest For The Cup http://teamqftc.com/

    Argentina AC 45 Youth Team http://argac45.wix.com/arg-ac45-youth-team#!home/
    Team Australia http://www.youthac.com.au/

    Youth Americas Cup Team Virgin Islands https://www.facebook.com/YouthAmericasCupTeamVI?fref=ts

    Young Australia Sailing Team https://www.facebook.com/pages/Young...ref=ts&sk=info

    Danish Youth Vikings https://www.facebook.com/DanishYouthVikings/info

    French Youth Team : http://www.frenchyouthteam.fr/

    The Flying Dutchies: http://www.flyingdutchies.com/

    New Zealand http://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/node/1416

    In addition, China has two teams entered, and Korea has 1 but we were unable to track down a website for their teams. Several other teams had mailed in their entries or expressed interest , the formal announcement from Red Bull and the ACRM should have a full list on its completed formal announcement.
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