• Luna Rossa Getting Closer?

    On a tip, it was told that Luna Rossa was rigging up and might make her SF Bay debut
    today. The team had earlier attended a private on the water memorial service for Bart Simpson
    and had a delayed start.

    The wind on the SF Bay had ramped up significantly in the early afternoon, something which
    is usual for certain part of the Bay with a thermal influence, todays ramp up was due to
    a late season low which brushed by in the early morning. South Bay winds all the way into
    the Ferry Point Harbor were in the mid 20's with bigger puffs. Not ideal for your maiden voyage
    departing and unfamiliar harbor.

    At 1st it looked like they might launch "Piranah", but soon it became clear that prudence
    overruled, and, seemingly, the entire team grabbed lines to guide the 130' of carbon and mylar
    lifting device slowly back to earth...

    And for a while, it looked like the hull might get splashed, to save time tomorrow, that
    did not pass....The wing and hull soon both disappearing into the shed adjacent Artemis.

    Forecast for tomorrow is for much lighter wind. Fingers crossed we will finally get some
    positive news to add to the AC34 cycle!

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