• Half Way To Mazatlan

      Rob Macfarlane continues his travels south of the border, having enjoyed a couple pleasant solo weeks in the Gulf of California as far north as Isla Partida. Now having picked up crew in La Paz, Tiger Beetle now on a southern sojourn, making tracks for Mazatlan...

      It has been a mellow day, and it's proving to be a quiet night though a little bobbly as the prevailing wind, light from behind at 9-10 knots, is running up a low chop that is rolling on from behind as well and which causes the boat to roll and lurch unexpectedly. The wind proved too light for the mainsail, and to quiet things down the main has been reefed to the third reef point to act as a motoring reef.

      Georgia and Beetle have been talking each three hours, next conversation is due to take place at midnight local time and we'll see where everybody is. Isa has been joining in on the conversations, they departed Muertos before we did and are currently motor sailing towards Isla Isabela. Georgia has a slip set up at El Cid, one of the marinas in Mazatlan, and Ben said he would ask the marina if they would have a slip for Beetle as well, perhaps for two days. It would be nice to wash the salt off the boat, and it would be convenient for walking around town to be at a dock. According to Ben the prices are apparently reasonable at 0.90 USD/foot.

      Moonrise was particularly fun tonight as the moon popped up dead ahead, a bright orange disk that gradually turned white as it rose up through the clouds.

      And one of the humpback whales put on an extended display of breaching in the late afternoon, he must have been at it for 30 minutes or more, diving down, leaping up and crashing down in a huge spray of white on the otherwise glue/green water. A few minutes later he (or she) would do it again. Lots of splashing!

      Now we're taking turns on board to run two hour watches, mostly to look for current deviations that move the boat off course, and keep an eyeball on the horizon to scan for other boats (none seen at all).

      Enjoy the night!

      - rob

      February 17

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