• Artemis Concludes SF Bay Session 1

    We were extremely lucky to have caught Lock Peyron at the Alameda base for Artemis Racing yesterday
    as their 1st session of AC 45 training was coming to an end, and core crew members were packing up to
    return home of wherever the next venue called from. Along with Nathan Outteridge, Iain Percy, Iain "Goobs"Jensen,
    Stu Bethany, Chris Brittle, and Red Bull Youth AC team graduate Niclas During, the sails and a skeleton crew
    dusted of the old AC 45s and got back to work.

    The team will be working in cycles, and for all intents and purposes expect to be doing a lot of their sailing,
    training, testing and development from the Alameda base, which is leased for the next 3 years. "Its a perfect
    venue for us" said Lock, "The weather, the base, the wind is dependable, so why not"? On this day the last day of winter, with temps
    in the 70's and 12-15 knots easing across the facilities, it was hard to argue.

    The plan is to stay small, size wise, until the venue for the 35th America's Cup is announced, and cycle the core team through training
    sessions out of Alameda, with rotation of hopefuls to keep mind and body in shape, and some small scale testing and development. We
    were asked not to reveal and delicate parts and pieces, but new ideas and concepts are already being evaluated vis-a-vis the two boat
    program. A new open door policy is also a promising addition for this cycle, with more open house events, base tours and public communication,
    press releases and better media relations.

    With Oracle Racing content to train in Sydney Harbor and then Hamilton Island, and the very distinct possibility their whole program could move
    elsewhere, the Artemis program just might be the sole SF Bay America's Cup fix the local AC junkies might have for a while!

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