• Icon Crushes Oregon Offshore Record

    Kevin Welch's 65' Custom Bob Perry carbon fiber sled has just crushed the 193 nm race Oregon Offshore race record
    by 4:50:21 held since 2000 by the Tom Wylie designed Rage! Following closely in her wake, another Wylie design
    the modified Fox 44' , Ocelot crossed the finish line 13 minutes and change later. The race is still very much still on
    and correct time winners will be announce soon.

    Just got off the phone with Icon's boat manager, Ian Sloan.

    Ian reports that they had winds of 18 to 20 at start, increasing to to 20-25 then building to 25-30 with gusts to 35 later on the course!

    "We were well ahead of our routing" Ian said "With SE winds and and confused seas all the way to Cape Flattery. We pushed the boat as hard as we have ever pushed it, sending 6" inches of green water into the cockpit at times" Ian continues " It was the wettest ride any of us have ever had, with rain at the start and rain, heavy at times all the way up! With only 9 people on board, everyone was working all the time, so we never really got cold! "

    Swells maxed out in the 12-15' range and the boat averaged 15 knots all the way up the course...

    This record could stay for a while!

    image © Jans Marine Photography
    image at top courtesy Icon Sailing / © Sean Trew