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    Published on 05-26-2020 10:47 AM
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    It is with much sadness that we are announcing the permanent closing of APS.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to bear the burden of the losses caused by the COVID-19 crisis. We want to first and foremost thank you, our ...
    Published on 05-23-2020 12:33 PM
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    More than 125 San Francisco firefighters are battling a four-alarm warehouse fire Saturday on Pier 45, the city's fire department says.
    A quarter of the pier at Fisherman's Wharf "has been lost to the flames," ...
    Published on 05-15-2020 06:14 AM
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    Three Foil Options And Three Kite Options Shortlisted For New IKA Youth Foil Racing Class

    The International Kiteboarding Association launched a tender process earlier this year which invited manufacturers to tender for a new youth foil racing class ...
    Published on 05-06-2020 01:05 PM

    May 5, 2020 (BRISTOL, R.I.) – The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) released Guiding Principles for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Selection ...
    Published on 05-04-2020 10:12 AM
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    Team Velvet Hammer's support trailer was taken from the Richmond Yacht Club's boat lot over the weekend.
    Will Paxton sent out an urgent message on Saturday: ...
    Published on 05-04-2020 09:59 AM

    LONDON - May 4, 2020 - With a continued emphasis on protecting the health and safety of its national teams, global staff, partners and event communities, SailGP has determined that its racing must remain suspended for the remainder of 2020. Consequently, SailGP Season 2 events will be rescheduled for 2021.

    Two ...
    Published on 05-01-2020 10:36 AM
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    U.S. Coast Guard Station Monterey responded to a report of a 92-foot ship, Going Coastal, taking on water this afternoon. The Coast Guard transferred a crew member aboard to ...
    Published on 04-28-2020 09:35 AM
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    One of our readers produced this gem comparing sailing to the early easing by some states in the battle against the Corona Virus

    Published on 04-23-2020 04:25 PM
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    With the time we have available before we can get back to sail boat racing, sailors the world over have the perfect opportunity to make sure our boats are configured correctly and we have learnt what we can about setting them up and tuning for the conditions.
    Published on 04-21-2020 09:25 AM
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    “Being alone for a long period of time is something that not many people are used to. But I’ve come to learn that, even in a big ...
    Published on 04-16-2020 11:16 AM
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    Liam Morgan for Inside The Games.biz

    World Sailing President Kim Andersen has hit back at his "disrespectful" critics after confirming he will seek a second four-year term at the helm of the organisation.
    Andersen told insidethegames he will stand for re-election ...
    Published on 04-16-2020 09:59 AM
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    In January 2020, Saildrone deployed a fleet of five unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) from Barbados to participate as part of a two-month field study to advance the understanding of how the ocean and atmosphere interact. The mission was a part of two complementary international initiatives led by US and European ...
    Published on 04-13-2020 11:42 AM
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    Photo © Dayanidhi Das

    Final Results
    The inaugural BIG WAVE AWARDS have been a lot of fun. This first year has seen well over 100 entries. Each one a stunning display of power, skill, and exceptionally brave riding.

    We’ve seen entries from across the world, and across the ages. From Ireland, Portugal, France, Spain, Africa, Chile, Peru, Australia, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, and of course Hawaii. From the 1980’s, 90’s, 2000’s and right up to a couple of months ago, the big waves flowed in.

    This first year has seen many, but far from all, the great big wave rides across the whole history of our sport emerge to be seen together in one place, for the first time. As years go by we will see more and more extraordinary images emerge, both old and new.

    Most Radical BIGGEST WAVE:
    All time = Marcillio “Brawzinho” Browne
    2019/20 = Marcillio “Brawzinho” Browne

    Photo© Fishbowl Diaries

    Despite now being online only, without a big party on Maui’s north shore as we had planned, the IWT Big Wave Awards is bringing the windsurfing world together, for some positive inspiration, in an otherwise very difficult time.

    We encourage you all to express your appreciation to these winners for the inaugural awards night in 2020, and we want you to put forward more of the best big wave rides for next year’s awards in 2021. This is an ongoing discussion, not a full stop, this is a place to start, to unearth and celebrate the best big wave riders in our sport. The legends old and new from all corners of the world. We salute you all.

    Youth <20 BIGGEST WAVE:
    2019/20 = Z Schettewi (15) 39 feet

    Published on 04-09-2020 08:42 AM
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    Mikkel Thommessen For https://www.seilmagasinet.no/

    Even before the outbreak of the corona virus, the economy of the International Sailing Union was under pressure. Large cost overruns had forced the borrowing from the Isle of Man reserve fund, and even then it would just be about the transfers from the IOC after the Tokyo Olympics. This reserve fund, which was built up in Arve Sundheim's time as secretary general, was the result of hard-fought financial management where no krone was spent before it was ...