• Adrift On Lake Michigan

    Two teenagers had to be rescued by firefighters on Saturday after the chuck of ice they'd foolishly stepped onto broke away from the shore and started floating out into Lake Michigan.

    The males, ages 17 and 18, were roughly 40 yards into the lake when the Racine Fire Department arrived to rescue them just after 12:40 p.m., reports The Journal Times.

    Three divers in scuba gear from the department had to swim out to rescue the pair.

    The firefighters, with help from Kenosha's Coast Guard, gave the teens life vests to put on and then pushed the chunk of ice back to shore.

    They then put a ladder down for the two to climb back to safety. Neither teenager was injured, reports Racine Uncovered.

    The incident took place at the beach behind Racine Zoo. Frequent visitors to the lake say it is currently difficult to tell where the beach ends and the ice begins.

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