• More America's Cup Village Gibberish

    Location, Location, Location,

    Kimball Livingston has just released a dynamic article providing proof positive that the Cup should
    and could be hosted and defended right here in San Francisco

    Defending America's Cup in America

    What’s been playing out in the last week and a half since the BOR team came to town and asked the city of
    San Francisco to hurry up and produce a plan and a proposal and certainty by September 30 –yes, Virginia,
    and all your little friends, Larry Ellison really does want to schedule an America’s Cup match for San Francisco Bay,
    2014—but, as I was saying, what’s been playing out is not quite Kafkaesque, and yet it does bring into focus the
    reasons why you’re never a fool to be pessimistic about getting things done in San Francisco.

    Ultimately, however, this is about defending America’s Cup in America.

    That’s why I still believe it will happen. The teams will be based at Pier 50, directly down-camera from every Giants game,
    and how cool is that?
    There are some inherent issue's not mentioned, like what about all those fans attending games?
    What about the current tenants? While Pier 50 is close to the action, it's structure is still in need of some basic

    A Bit o' putty and she'll sand right out?

    While not completely dilapidated, Pier 50 will require some structural integrity redo.

    The arguments for razing the current structure, relocating tenants and installing the primary compound at Pier 50, while enticing may cause complaints from the area primary tenant, the San Francisco Giants. Another fly in the ointment? Maybe, maybe not.

    Then there is this: http://www.sfgov.org/site/uploadedfi...20Part%204.pdf

    But Pier 80 is just a short hitch south, and EIR's shouldn't be an issue.

    Pier 80's structure integrity is visibly more sound

    Pier 30-32 have already passed EI Reports and were slated for Cruise Ship Docking a decade ago.

    Pier 80 is a "Working Mans Pier" is spacious and virtually empty. Little repair required

    You can't argue about the size, and it is, for all intents and purposes, unused.

    Space- the final frontier.......

    Pier 50 has location, but that's part of the problem.

    There are parking issues, game day issues, and yeah, about the current tenants....

    For more close ups of possible venues, click HERE