• Time To Rally

    Alameda Marina's future before City Council March 1st.

    Councilmember Matarrese's referral that will help decide the future of
    Alameda's Marina business district will be discussed at the City
    Council meeting on March 1st. (Tuesday, City Hall, 3rd floor) The
    meeting follows other council business so hearing may be late in the

    What the Marina needs now is supporters to come to the Council
    meeting. If you would like to speak, you may, but just being present to
    support those who do speak is just as important. If Marina supporters
    wear blue tops it will show the City Council members how many
    supporters are present. Supporters will stand around the speakers at
    the microphone to show their support. If you plan to speak or support,
    Nancy Hird would like to hear from you but there is no requirement to
    do so. She is working to verify that all the necessary reasons to
    keep the Alameda Marina from development are addressed. Reach Nancy at

    The developer who is planning to replace the business district with housing
    is expected to be there to support his plan. We
    have to show the City Council that losing the very valuable businesses
    and historic buildings at the Alameda Marina is not supportive of what
    the city says they want; good paying jobs. We have 250 good paying,
    middle class jobs there, already. Why would we choose to destroy their
    place of employment and harm the very business that helps identify
    Alameda as supportive of business and marinas in the Bay Area?

    Action needed:
    A.) Continue to send letters to the City Council members, and the City
    Clerk. B.) Come to the City Council meeting on March 1st. Support
    your existing Alameda Marina from being replaced with more condos.

    City Clerk – Lara Weisinger lweisiger@alamedaca.gov
    (CC Lara on all correspondence to make it part of the public record)

    Alameda City Council
    Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer tspencer@alamedaca.gov
    Vice Mayor Frank Matarrese fmatarrese@alamedaca.gov
    Tony Daysog tdaysog@alamedaca.gov
    Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft mezzyashcraft@alamedaca.gov
    Jim Oddie joddie@alamedaca.gov
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