• Believe.The.Hype (RS Connect - inclusive sailing at its best)

    This weekend, South Beach Yacht Club demonstrated the RS Venture Connect, a super cool inclusive 16 foot sailboat that has adaptive components to allow people of all abilities to sail together.

    photo courtesy of California Inclusive Sailing

    It is a self-righting keelboat with space for one to eight sailors and has a wide range of options to customize the boat for training, cruising, racing, and para-sailing. This equipment is attractive for initial use by people of all abilities, but also transitional and inspiring for those who wish to use sailing as a quality of life and community reconnection pathway beyond rehabilitation.

    photo courtesy of bagleyoceanracing

    Features include: vertical lifting keel for self-righting capability; self-draining cockpit; large aft stowage locker; spinnaker and trapeze capability; and easily transported ashore, slipway launched, or kept afloat on a mooring.

    It also has a full range of para-sailing equipment options mean the boat can be configured to suit virtually all disabilities. Options include single or twin seats, manual joystick, electronic joystick, and sip/puff steering. The options can be readily removed and refitted depending on the next use of the boat.

    photo courtesy of Maggy Frias

    The set up reminds me of a J-70, but with all of the lines running to the helm. Hoisting and dousing the kite was super easy. The helm can be set up with a tiller or dual stick control and was very responsive.

    Although there are a few RS Venture Keelboats around the Bay, there are only two of the RS Venture Connects in California (Newport Beach to be exact, owned by California Inclusive Sailing https://www.facebook.com/California-...5622581620704/). So this was a great opportunity to really check out the boat. I hope that we can have a fleet of these boats in SF Bay and have more people get out on the water.

    photo courtesy of bagleyoceanracing

    This innovative and fun boat will be available for a test drive on the following dates:

    Saturday March 4, 2017 10:30 am- 3:30 pm at Richmond Yacht Club.

    March 11-12, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at South Beach Yacht Club

    Courtesy of West Coast Sailing (https://www.westcoastsailing.net/?gc...FVVsfgod610EVw ), the RS Connect will likely be at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show, too!

    photo courtesy of bagleyoceanracing

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