• In Pursuit Of Big Fun At Big Daddy Pursuit

    With the generous sunshine and temps in the 70's, tranquil waters and a feel good vibe on the water,
    66 boats gathered off of Southampton Shoal on Sunday awaiting the wind to arrive. The 1st downright
    warm weekend and sunny of the year. Throw in the family ambiance the Big Daddy left in his wake, and
    the "no need to rush, we have an extra hour to play with" sentiment, crews milled about the start area
    enjoying some chill time and visiting with others they may have not seen much of over this past wet and chilly winter.

    While the start of the race was slightly delayed, with a pair of Cal 20's getting an 8 minute head start ahead of the next boats, the reverse rating
    echelon spitting out a slow progression of boats over the next hour and 11 minutes as the breeze gradually built with crews determining their fate.
    Clockwise or Counter Clockise.

    We now turn the on the field observations to Johnny Onthespot:

    The 2-3 knot ebb current at Alcatraz kicked up an hellacious chop
    Most boats didn’t realize a tight rounding kept them from getting kicked toward Gate & overstanding Point Knox
    The Clockwise Cal20 led near Knox but got gobbled up
    Bad current in the strait on the homeward leg and then that light stuff in the lee of Angel Island spelt doom for that half of the fleet

    At the start counterclockwise up to Raccoon Straits looked like a sucker go
    A knock and lite air had racers pointing up the Marin Coast and in seemingly seriously bad juju
    Then the EBB river took over pushed everyone thru the straits and off Corinthian decent breeze filled in.
    Boats set after rounding Li’l Alcatraz charging into that ridiculously steep chop.
    And while setting in all that bounce Right-wayers got to insult oncoming, wrong-way, port tack, & altogether rightless boats

    Once thru usual Alcatraz lee t’was a mostly great run to the finish line -got light at the Richmond Riviera end

    "When the wind showed signs of filling in through Raccoon Strait it was CCW for a Wabbit.
    Almost planing from Angel to Alcatraz, then grit our teeth and hold off the big boys from Alcatraz back.
    Go low! Gorgeous day, and it was even fun hanging around during the postponement."

    Colin Moore
    Wylie Wabbit

    Colin Moore & his trusty Wabbit enjoyed a half mile lead.
    He didn’t get gobbled up ---hard to catch a wabbit on the run
    Colin you may recall had a one mile lead in the last year’s Great Pumpkin Race.
    He hit the ditch and snatched a defeat from the big jaws of the South Tower Demon.

    Colin was followed by the brand new carbon fiber Pac52 Invisible Hand, beginning to what will no doubt be a legendary career,
    with a deck so large they could set up a pingpong table to pass time in the light spots. They were followed in by a mini-me version,
    the C&C 30 Tiburon, with none other than Elvis on board.


    It must be noted that the Big Daddy Pursuit is, and always has been about fun, and bringing out the kids and family, and inspiring
    others to come out and play, see the bay or wasting an afternoon with some folks just looking for a fun time.

    "Big Daddy's Sunday Pursuit Race was spectacular, after the initial lack of wind postponement. The sun was out and the spirits were high on Wild Card, Anne and Mark Thomas's Santa Cruz 37. We chose to go anti-clockwise to stay with the wind (especially if it died on the west side of the course like it did on Saturday). By the time we reached the slot, it was blowing about 18 but then petered out by the finish. The narrow finish line created a pile up of boats with kites, coming from different directions, trying to maneuver in the suddenly decreased breeze. We saw crazy current changes, little whirlpools, wavelets, wind holes, and gusts. It was fun to see who went which way, some spin outs, stalls, and some new boats (Nathalie Criou's Envolee and "The Hand)". The best parts were that that the sun was out (I have panda-eyes to prove it) and we had a a rock solid crew. It was a five star day!!!"

    Shauna Bagley

    "As if Owen's driving and Hayden's foredeck wasn't impressive enough, Tessa Rose goes and upstages both with the most attention and determination I've ever witnessed from a 4.5 yr old. Look at that trimmers stance! Every time the kite curled her eyes got big and she'd start to tug, then ease and repeat.
    My mission is almost complete...a full Lahr boat with momma and me sitting back watching the kids do their thing!"

    Kurt Lahr
    Moore 24
    Moore Wavos

    Living the RYC motto. "This Club was Built for Fun!!" Big Daddy 2017

    " Hahaha what a day, great group! Big Daddy was my icon, Bob Klein was my Dad's competitor and I loved their dog Dasher. He loved Juniors - so I honor him every chance I can. 6 girls on Another Girl - wear green lipstick - how fun?!!"

    Cinde Lou Delmas
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