• G.I. and Holua Sprint to Finish


    The two sleds, Edward McDowells Grand Illusion and Brack Duker's Holua are dashing towards the finish and are less than 2 hours away
    from the finish, meanwhile Zephyrus and Mighty Merloe wrapped their voyages last night and earlier this morning:

    Zephyrus Finishes
    Early morning in Cabo, shortly before sunrise and Zephyrus finishes with and elapse time of 4D 13H 26M 45S. Their strategy to win the class was to “win the start” and then “extend their lead”. The strategy worked giving them First Place in ORR 1, crossing the line with no competitors in sight.

    As for rations, there is one burrito and one apple to spare on board, according to the crew. It’s Happy Hour time in the Cantina as crew and NHYC Hospitality talk about the race and recap on the Yellow Brick live monitor.

    Mighty Merloe Finishes Cabo
    The Mighty Merloe finished the Newport to Cabo International Yacht Race at 17:29:08 local time, less then 2 hours after the first finisher. This gives them 2nd place in the ORCA Class behind Phaedo3. The entire NHYC Hospitality team, along with most of the Phaedo3 team and many other friends and family of other competitors that flew down to Cabo met them at the docks as they arrived.

    Everyone enjoyed the hosted Happy Hour Fiesta at the Baja Cantina (Race Headquarters) .

    The first ORR boat is expected to cross the finish line sometime early tomorrow morning, followed by the rest of the boats later in the day. There is still a close race in the ORR 2 Class between Grand Illusions and Holua as they are only 5 miles apart only 100 nm from the finish.
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