• A Four Course Fiasco

    Saturdays revamped BAMA Double Handed Farallones race featured more choices on course options, 80 boats registered,
    light wind, medium winds flat seas and a start that can only be described as organized chaos. With light wind at the 08:00 start
    and an unexpectedly strong flood right along the shoreline, officials postponed the original start, hoping for increased pressure, then were
    forced to delay starting sequences again after a snafu with the C class start. Starting slower boats 1st can present additional problems if the smaller
    boats cannot make headway in adverse currents and the later starting faster boats move into sequence as the slower boats drift back into the starting box.

    Moving forward, we spoke with Rob Theis who spent the day double handing his J-111 Aeolus with Jennifer Canestra, teaming up for the 1st time together
    for a two fisted ride around the rocks...

    "We spent the pre-start time sailing up to the remaining ebb to measure wind and relief and made the decision to come in hot from the pin
    end and then button hook the pin and the sail right back to the current" Rob notes "The wind was a bit better and there was still a knot or so of
    ebb working mid bay, not a real wide ribbon but once you were in it, the relief was substantial"

    "The ebb carried us out the gate in amazingly flat, calm water with enough pressure from the south for a steady, smooth tight reach out to the islands!
    We prepared for a set, but the wind stayed too SSE to launch until a few miles of tight reaching back towards the gate. Really pleasant sailing conditions
    in the 10-15 knot range." Rob notes. Unlike last year when the humpbacks were seemingly everywhere, breach and tail slapping, marine life was described to be
    on the quiet side.

    Rob and Jennifer worked their way along the southern side of the Golden Gate Strait, riding a 0.9 knot flood and worked their way around the South Tower expecting
    a nice slap down by the South Tower Demon. "Was very surprised when we sailed passed and gybed with no repercussions" He noted.

    "After the bridge, the wind got really westerly, as usual, but the water stayed flat. We gybed over toward Crissy with just Condor and Cant Touch This ahead of us by a few minutes."
    Rob adds. Aeolus crossed the line at 17:33 flying the kite all the way towards Alcatraz, gybed, and enjoyed a really nice reach along the City Front, as an early evening pulse push through propelling them towards the barn in fine fashion. "A really great day with a mix of clouds and sun, smooth seas and fun sailing, good times"

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