• 2017 SSS Round The Rocks: An Easterly For Easter

    The 2017 SSS Round The Rocks, an 19.3 nm Bay Tour, beginning on the Berkeley Circle,
    Rounds Alcatraz, Harding, The Bothers and Red Rocks before finishing at the RYC race platform in
    Potrero Reach.

    Starting in a 4-5 knot Zephyr, the 132 boats hoisted kites began the journey with high hopes.
    An underlying ebb with a boost from another round of large releases from Oroville Dam push the fleet in the right general
    direction towards Alcatraz.

    Greg Nelsen singlehanding his Azzura 310 Outsider would be only one of 4 single handed sailors to finish and took his division
    by bundles...

    But the saying "Never trust a Zephyr" held true and what little wind there was, all but evaporated as the fleet rounded Alcatraz.
    Even the early starter in the multi fleet and ultra lights were struggling to gain traction as the flood began to build.

    The current relief of Alcatraz was counter set by the windshadow it created. The waters between Blossom and Alcatraz a confused mess
    as the old ebb grabbed some boats and propelled them into the flood and on a southbound conveyor belt.

    Bobby and The Pacemakers... Bobby Hydes behind his mask, hoping nobody recognizes him.
    Sailing with C Harvey on Mojo, they led the fleet past Harding and would be the 1st Multi to finish at 15:38:22

    Becalmed in the shipping channel is never a fun thing.

    Amy Well's and David Wilhite refuse to quit, and were rewarded with 2nd in the DH Multi Division


    Buzz Blackett checks the charts before heading over to Raccoon Strait, where a nice flood awaited.
    Brent Draney tugs on strings to Keep Condor moving. Condo would end up as the 1st boat to finish,
    Crossing the line at 15:26:29

    Fred Bouju & Erwan Menard on the Diam 24 OD, the 1st one on the West Coast. Will certainly
    be a threat for some of the upcoming races like Vallejo and Ditch Run!

    3 hours after starting, the vast majority of boats were still trying to get over Alcatraz and over to Harding.
    The wind would slowly build from the west and give the dedicated crews home to finish before the 06:30 cut off time.

    Others knew when it was time to pull the plug. And if you get offered a tow back to the harbor by a couple lovely lasses, you dont turn it down!

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