• 2 Dead, 2 Missing and 2 Rescued in Rimini Boating Accident

    "Let's take into account a tragedy at sea in these hours has already reached the national media. Rimini today The site was the first to spread the news and giving constant updates: http://www.riminitoday.it/cronaca/tr...-ci-sono-delle -vittime.html

    Of the six members of the crew of sailors aboard the Bavaria 40, two have been recovered by the fire brigade and brought to the hospital emergency department of Rimini. Unfortunately they record two missing and two deaths. When it appears the dynamic clear, as some reports speak of the overturned boat already half a mile outside the harbor; This would assume the loss of the keel, which may have violently hit the bottom of a wave in the cable. Other information indicates the crash against the rocks of the breakwater of the port channel loss of the keel and rudder. A dead body was recovered at sea, while a first wounded was evacuated from inside the boat thanks to the intervention of the fire brigade with a helicopter and a boat that operated from inside the harbor.

    The unit was started from direct Monfalcone, it would seem, in Trapani. It should be noted that the arrival of strong winds of Bora was predicted by all the weather reports."

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    Tragedy at sea, sinking in the port of Rimini: there are victims

    RAMA - From accounts of the investigators, the sailing boat is registered in Monfalcone, in the province of Gorizia, and was stationed in Marina di Ravenna where it would start, on Tuesday, at a time of Trapani for a transfer. On board there were 6 people including the owner all of Verona, surprised by the sudden storm at sea. Unable to face the storm, had asked shelter in Marina di Rimini and radio, motor, attempted to enter the port, but the waves, have made them go crashing against the rocks of the breakwater.

    RESEARCH - The divers of the Fire Department began looking for the survivors is among the rocks and in the sea. Febrile research has allowed us to find an even shipwrecked alive in the wreckage of the boat and, after having stabilized, the 115 personnel transported him with a dinghy to shore and then entrust it to the care of the health of the 118 which, in turn, they rushed to the emergency room. Shortly after, however, it was noticed a body in the waves on the side of the beach.

    Despite the intervention of divers, however, the man was already lifeless and was brought back to shore. They currently are being researched the other castaways that should be 3 people, including a woman. The search for the missing continues even with nightfall, so that the square of the Rock Island photoelectric cells of the firefighters, but the sea increasingly moved makes the operations for which it is flying extremely difficult were installed also a helicopter C-Sar Air Force. The two castaways, found still alive, are hospitalized with utmost severity code all'Infermi Rimini.