• Chaos On The Course

    From Thursday June 8, the start and leg one the Race 2 Alaska 2017.
    Light to no wind changes to big wind and short, steep seas for the 56 competitors...

    Weather conditions have deteriorated in the Straits as forecast. Environment Canada reporting 20 knots gusting to 30 in and around Victoria. Racers are taking appropriate actions, some working towards nearby shelter, others choosing to run downwind. Think safe thoughts everyone, it’s getting gnarly out there.

    5.5 hours in...

    8.5 hours in

    Updates from the War Room:
    Fueled on Stoke and Fueled by Stoke Part Deux along with VIZ Reporter are all heading to Dungeness for the night.
    Kayak teams Eagle -Take 3 and Lootas opted for hot showers and warm beds at a house in North Beach.
    Excellent Adventure is off enjoying breakfast.
    Harbinger has headed back to Boat Haven to finish their boat, yes finish, not repair.
    Toms on the Move has dropped out.

    11.5 hours in

    Update: Team Hodge has capsized, self-rescued, and is back upright and in his boat. He's ok but radioed for assistance. It's been reported to us that RCMP will be there shortly.

    14.5 hours in

    Team Chum is presently under tow and crew is safe. They are no longer in the race.

    James Betts It wasn't the 35-45 that was bad it was the very steep and breaking waves so close together that put the nail in it for us. We wish the rest of the fleet all the best and a safe race. Team Chum

    While teams are dealing with these extreme conditions, the staff and volunteers of Race Central are hard at work as well- coordinating racer communication and communicating with folks on both sides of the border. This is an unsupported race but not unsupervised, Lots of moving pieces behind the scenes between these updates, but we'll keep you up to date as info solidifies...and our friends at the Royal Victoria Yacht club are working on their tracker.

    18.5 hours in

    Race To Alaska by Northwest Maritime Center I imagine you have heard, but Tom went to Pt. Wilson and decided it wasn't his day and dropped out of the race. A hard choice, but a very respectable one!

    Update: Race to Alaska Team Discovery, Roger Mann. Is safe and sound and fixed. Struck a log. Damaged his rudder. Has built a shelter out of driftwood for the night.

    23 hours in

    29 hours in
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