• Peddle Power For Front Runners In R2AK


    3 teams have pushed pas the Seymour Narrows and into the Johnstone Strait in the R2AK.

    Team Pure & Wild Freeburd are in the lead with Bad Kitty and Big Broderna in pursuit.

    Daphne Stuart caught up with Team FreeBurd late yesterday and has this video to share:

    R2AK update Monday 5:20pm.
    Approx. 5nm south of Cape Lazo (Comox).
    Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd currently in first place.

    This trio of sailing brothers were hoping to be at the infamous Seymour Narrows by 8:40pm for the slack tide tonight. Unfortunately the wind died down mid afternoon and they are back on the pedals. 40nm miles to go. That's gets them to Seymour Narrows at approximately midnight... when the tide will be ebbing (going the same direction the boat is) at a speed of 9 knots.
    It'll be an interesting nights for these boys.

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