• The Ditch Run in 2:21:21

    The route of the Kite Foiling tag team of Riley Gibbs and Johnny Heineken.

    Sailing the Ditch Run is pretty much an all day affair. Or at least it used to be. Throw in a couple of olympic
    caliber athletes and modern kite foiling gear and a chase boat for support and you can cut the travel time drastically.

    How fast you ask?

    How about 2 hours, 21 Minutes and 21 seconds, start to finish!

    The idea isn't new, in fact Joey done done it last year CLICKY
    in about 2.5 hours. This years attempt, much like last years adventure was a spur of the moment affair, and when the forecast started looking favorable earlier in the week,
    the scramble was on! Utilizing a support boat and crew Paul Heineken and Gia Schneider, who provided all images provided, the crew assembled at the RYC
    after the regular Ditch Run fleet had long since departed, and motored their way out to The Brothers for the unofficial start.

    With good pressure the duo made quick work of San Pablo Bay and began passing the Ditch Run boats in Suisun Bay.
    "We only really slowed down to clear the weeds off the foils" Johnny mentions. Instead of actually stopping, Riley and Johnny
    would just sail upwind a bit, jump and reverse land, which would clear the unwanted foliage and off they would go!

    Being officially unofficial, the foilers did take a bit of a short cut when Johnny mistook False River as part of the San Joaquin,
    but once upon a time, it was actually within the rules of the Ditch Run, so... GAME ON!!!

    Johnny indicates they passed the leading smaller tris about Tinsley but never did catch the Prosail 40 which had a 3 plus hour jump on them!

    Arriving at the Stockton Sailing Club well before the masses, the crew had a relaxing lunch and reboarded the
    Zodiac and headed off to Tinsley Island where family was awaiting!

    Clowning at the start

    The chase boat generously loaned by Rick Wallace

    Support Team Gia Schneider and Paul Heineken

    Riley and Johnny with Paul Heineken at Stockton Sailing Club
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