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    Hurricane Irma has devastated the British Virgin Islands, leaving a catastrophic situation with homes flattened and communities left with no power, sanitation or water. Friends and family are still waiting to hear news from their loved ones, many of whom are still trapped in their homes by debris.

    Thanks to unwavering efforts to get aid to the islands, a number of different donation pages and appeals have been set up from different sources. The aim of this site is to collate all of the legitimate ways that you can send help, be it through supplies or donating money. It should help you make a more informed choice about where to donate to make the biggest impact to communities in need.

    Please use the links above to find various ways you can contribute to the BVI relief efforts. The most reliable and legitimate ways to help right now are through Virgin, whose overheads are being covered by Richard Branson leaving 100% of donations to go directly to the community, and VISAR (Virgin Islands Search and Rescue) who are supporting the emergency team running out of Peebles Hospital on Tortola.

    Thank you for any the support you can give. Even just spreading news of the terrible impact Irma has had on the BVI, and links to donation pages, is a huge help.


    The CAT 5 Hurricane Irma has devastated the British Virgin Islands (BVI), leaving thousands of inhabitants in a state of emergency with no clean drinking water, communications or on-land support. Here is how you can help.

    Given our close relationship with the British Virgin Islands Government, Superyachts.com, together with the BVI Tourism Board & YCCS, is working with key members of the yachting industry (ACREW, Burgess, Camper & Nicholsons, Cecil Wright, Edminston, Fraser, IYC & Ocean Independence) to gather yachts who are able to safely access the region and provide aid.

    Hurricane Irma has caused a complete communications blackout, leaving residents without access to basic provisions inluding water, food and shelter. HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy Flagship, is currently working to provide this support, however, help is still desperately needed.

    Just one superyacht has the ability to make a significant difference. If you are able to reach the BVI - safely and as soon as Hurricane Jose has passed - you can change the situation on the ground by providing communications, drinking water, food and medical aid.

    We’re appealing to the generosity and goodwill of superyacht Owners, Captains and Crew to access the region and provide aid, however small it may seem, could be vital for those effected.

    If you’re unable to access the area by yacht but still want to help, then please, pass on this message, join us in spreading the word or see below for details of a relief fund set up by the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board.

    If you're an industry professional and you feel you can help, get in touch and work with us to contact Owners and Captains south of the region.

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling Stuart Issacs on +44 (0) 7954 745554 or email si@superyachts.com, so we can help coordinate your access to the British Virgin Islands with the BVI Department of Disaster Management and pass on your details to those organising relief from the ground.

    Should you be unable to reach the islands, the BVI Tourism board has created the chance to help from afar with an aid fund dedicated to those affected by the Hurricane. You can find the page Clicky
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