• Serpent Surprise At Finn Worlds

    Lake Balaton (Hungary) - During Finland's World Championships, these days on Lake Balaton in Hungary, Finnish athlete Mikael Hyryläinen had a bad surprise on board.

    While she was riding she felt a rust and something moving in the cockpit. Looking in the middle of the tangle of peaks lying on the bottom of the cockpit he saw the twin tongue of a snake staring at him.

    The animal then came out of his hiding place and began to move toward Mikael, who, after being left for a few seconds paralyzed by amazement and fear, jumped on the edge of the boat and began to whip the snake with a top in the attempt to make it move to the stern and put it in the corner of the boat.

    Fortunately, with a well-laid shot, the young man managed to fly the animal out of the boat. In the intimidation, Mikael also found the cold blood to make two photographs to his unwanted guest, just to be certain that his companions would not take it crazy.

    Needless to say, in that racing the Finnish did not get its best result.

    Not being able to figure out what kind of snake this was about was not known whether this was poisonous or if his presence on board was the result of a nasty joke or an accident.