• 6 Meter World Cup Completed In Vancouver

    The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club held host to the 2017 6 Meter World Championships over the last week.

    With 16 Classic boats and 18 Open boats competing in 8 races over 7 days, in the water of English Harbor, it was a spectacle
    to behold as these vintage vessels gathered in unison for the 1st time in the West Coast since 1979.

    The 6 Meter World Cup is held biannually, and move between North America and Europe.

    The US has won the 6 Meter World Cup only twice, the 1st time was Tom Blackaller in 1973 in Seattle
    and 1989 in Marstrom with John Kostecki

    An Olympic boat from 1908 through 1952 with the US taking the Gold in the final year before the boat was replaced with
    the 12m2 Sharpie

    More info on the 6 meter: https://www.6metre.com/

    Beautiful imagery provided by West Wind Calling photography...

    all images © https://www.westwindcalling.ca


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