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    Saturday, November 11, 2017
    To do good, despite everything

    Saturday, the morning of the eighth day of his attempt against the record of the solo round the world, François Gabart had resumed speed after an unstable passage. Difficult under these circumstances to take care of yourself. It is imperative, however, that only starts his marathon across the globe.

    *After seven days of sliding south, François Gabart now surveyed the other half of the planet. At 24.6 knots average over the last 24 hours, the skipper of the trimaran MACIF managed to curb his losses during the day that followed its crossing of the equator. It was Friday morning, around 6:50 am (French time), that Francis rocked on the other side of the globe with 3:35 behind the time of Thomas Coville during his victorious attempt.


    This first time of passage has a symbolic meaning, but not only: it is also to his analysis that a skipper can choose whether to continue his attempt or not.
    For once, François will not hesitate for a second to continue to trace its beautiful trajectory. The following promises indeed quite radiant. This morning, the Charente skipper continued his route south along the coast of Brazil, near Salvador de Bahia (cuckoo, the transat Jacques Vabre!). By a big day, it should reach a depression that will gradually swell and then hurtling towards South Africa. Pile the MACIF trimaran road, say so!

    A comforting omen: "We will look for the depression that is born in Brazil and will descend to the Cape of Good Hope and, for now, it is very, very good." This depression should lead him to cross the first of the three great caps around the world in about 12 days. Better than Thomas Coville, who had pained on the Ouessant-Bonne Espérance stretch in 14 days ...

    DIY sequence!

    François Gabart has transformed himself into a small handyman to repair his "J1 galette", the piece to fix one of his sails before.
    Exclusive do-it-yourself course live off Brazil:

    Do not forget yourself in the heart of the day ...

    Yesterday, the trimaran MACIF has passed off the atoll das Rocas, a pretty little corner of the Atlantic. The popular saying is that when you come across an atoll, you do not care. And this is one of the concerns of Francis at the beginning of the race: do not (too much) hit the boat, of course, but also treat the sailor. This goes through some well established principles, but often jostled over time. This also involves the management of "enemies of circumstance".

    "Of course, I typed in the guy, because we have to get a record that was positioned at 49 days. We must preserve ourselves
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