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    Sunday, November 12, 2017
    Those who smell will take the train

    Oh, green! This Sunday morning, François was again ahead of Thomas Coville's lap times. The bows now pointing to the southeast, Francois will seek the best place on the back of a depression that could lead in record time at Good Hope. A great weather sniff sniffed from the ground.

    *Saturday was not an easy day on board the MACIF trimaran as the time had come for the big left turn. After a fairly quiet night in the southern trade winds, high mainsail and J2 post, the morning yesterday has borne a lot of complexities. Clouds and big variations of wind pushed Francis to play timely or forced recalculations. Efforts far from being useless since, carried by winds of 20 knots, the MACIF trimaran sped well all the afternoon, touching speeds (27-32 knots) higher than what provided the routings.

    On the map, the delay in Sodebo's turnaround time has narrowed to green, as are the future forecasts. Launched this Sunday morning at 30 knots, François now has the nose pointed towards the coasts of South Africa. Over the next 36 hours, the trimaran MACIF will advance downwind in beautiful conditions of navigation, which will allow him to choose the moment to climb on the train. The depression that was watching the weather cell has taken hold in the south of Argentina. Here she goes back along the coasts of South America before sliding from west to east, from the Americas to Africa, from Cabo Frio to the Cape of Good Hope, the next counter visited by the MACIF Express. It's been several days since, in the reference of Jean-Yves Bernot, in Charente Maritime, we make sure every moment that the train will be on time.


    *Life in front of the screen of the cloud tamers

    *Since early November, Châtelaillon-Plage is Houston. Here vibrates the same passion for the beautiful trajectory as at the control center of NASA. Chez Jean-Yves Bernot. The consumption of electricity is not the same - advantage USA - but, gastronomy side, the victory of Charente-Maritime is without appeal!

    *"The cook of Jean-Yves is fantasizing a lot of people, laughs Julien Villion, who regularly plays the assistant of the famous router, since 2014. We are very quickly taken by the arrival of the files and their analysis and, without this attention of Jean -Yves and the availability of so
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