• Batten Car Repaired, Gabart Slingshots to a 465nm Lead!

    Ideal road, steady and buoyant winds, it took a latte to get involved yesterday to create a problem on this perfect trajectory. A problem ? A problem for Francis, one of the strengths is to have perfectly integrated that his adventures are a sum of hazards to deal with, without emotion or anger, but with coolness and method. And that's what amazed the technical team yesterday afternoon when it was necessary to repair. This is the third batten from the top that broke. It was therefore necessary to lower the two-thirds of the sail to repair. François enlisted, then jumped on the boom to operate without anesthesia, but with a good dose of courage: the sails were still in place, allowing the boat to continue to advance at 15 knots. A batten is a long piece of carbon that slips into a horizontal sheath in a sail and hangs in a trolley near the mast. This is where the profile was broken.


    After a message to the land asking for help and a three-way discussion with Antoine Gautier and the two boat captains, Fred Bérat and Sébastien Gladu was born a procedure to apply. "On land, we have the same tools as François, to be able to project on what François has, says Fred. This allowed us to tell him which tools to use, one after the other, in a timed way, and also to tell him that such a piece, such screw, was in such a bag and in such pocket. François had only to follow our recommendations.

    The mimicry of the Earth

    The handyman of the MACIF trimaran will have had to use the grinder to cleanly cut the batten close to the cart; to release this one of the end of batten which remained in place; reinsert the healthy slat into the cart; propel yourself to the other end of the mainsail to push the batten into place and tension the fabric. The essential function of a batten is indeed to stiffen the mainsail to give it a shape and make it effective in the wind. Everything was done in 2 hours 30 TTC, mainsail hoisted with two reefs, since the wind forced, and a good dose of effort, because it is not nothing to fight with tens of kilos of cloth in tinkering with a carbon tube made to stay in its place ...


    The result ? Almost perfect, says Fred Bérat: "The effectiveness of the mainsail, with this repair, is more than 95%, at least. François had been asked to complete the work by lengthening the broken batten, but he preferred to leave immediately and wait for quieter conditions - Friday morning - to complete the work. But if he realizes that it does not affect the performance of the mainsail, it is not impossible that it remains in the state: the missing piece of batten is only a detail. This Tuesday morning, between 7 am and 11 am, François was riding at 34.9 knots average. We can estimate that it must go ...

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