• Under 60nm To Cape Horn!

    A good little piece of white bread!

    Since yesterday, François bites his teeth in the firm and clear of his white bread. A feast well deserved after days grimacing in front of a black crust that did not hold up on the plate. This Saturday morning, the skipper of the trimaran MACIF counted 1076 miles ahead of the record of Thomas Coville before attacking another day of high speed.


    Point race in brief:

    Friday at full speed: 829 miles over 24 hours and 10 to 36 knots!
    Upcoming: 25-30 knots, long swell almost in the direction of the race and areas of ice avoided
    Cape Horn announces Sunday at the end of the afternoon, 100 miles offshore

    829 miles. Yesterday, the MACIF trimaran split the southern seas, pushed by the front of the depression on which it has solidly settled, and carried by a long swell which comes from three-quarter rear and does not excessively solicit the boat. Ideal conditions to achieve the second best distance traveled by a solitaire 24 hours with, for the mouth, a session of 10 hours at 36 knots average. The elbow at the window and the satisfaction of allowing yourself not to go down on the 57 ° 30 South to avoid the ice by conceding only a minimal loss to the optimal road. This little piece of white bread is good for morale, even for a sailor who knows how to balance his emotions. And there is rab: these conditions conducive to speed to be extended in the coming days.
    François must have already hoped that he will have a hunk still white and fresh to accompany a piece of Atlantic. The record will be played - as always - on the rise of the Atlantiques, even though it will count two days ahead of Cape Horn, it is supposed to double Sunday in the late afternoon ... if the weekend is over announced as planned, with a wind that will gradually take from the right bringing a 25-30 knot flow and a passage of the Horn off, to avoid the land, and reaching because it's like that.

    Isa, the little fairy of logistics

    Sleep, eat, luff. It's crazy how life can be simple aboard a trimaran, especially when the sailor devotes a little more time to the first two activities and a little less to the third. In the last 24 hours, François would have slept 6h38. An inestimable recovery time after so many exhausting days spent nibbling on the tips of the Antarctic crown. What reassure Isa who, on Thursday, was worried for his sailor. Isa is Isabelle Magois, the logistics manager of the trimaran team MACIF. This is the girl who bounces the semi-rigid MACIF in the bay of Port-la-Forêt by driving with one hand, and that makes passengers dream by telling them stories of mountains and makes them laugh with jokes of boy. It is also the little fairy who watches over everything, including the skipper's bon-manger. Because it's all right, boat stories, but the sailor has a sense of values.
    She was worried, Isa, to see her skipper being blackballed in this week's short, treacherous swell. "He's having a hard time eating when it moves like that, he probably can not get anything warm, because it can even to be dangerous ". The eight six-day bags are well made, and François had to find something to eat. "I had a lot of snacks, too, distributed weekly. Sweet, but especially salty. Almonds and cashews for hours in cold water, and rolls, fish fillets, soy dishes and soy steaks (Editor's Note: Is it eaten cold, really?). And then Grisons meat and smoked filet mignon that were brought from Les Gets, because François loves it. Everything is under vacuum. Or more precisely, everything was under vacuum. Like the little block of weekly foie gras that must have been beating two or three days ago ...

    The good dishes of Laurent Sibert

    The return to more comfortable waters is accompanied by a return to nutrition more in line with energy needs, yes, but also with the skipper's mouth. Fine mouth not rhyming necessarily with weight optimization. For while Antoine Gautier and Guillaume Combescure are struggling to remove three hundred grams here, Francis adds dishes cooked by Laurent Sibert there. It's important for morale, sense of taste and texture. There are two freeze-dried dishes in every six-day bag, but most of the place is taken up by the menus concocted by the former classmate who became chef, especially on board boats that go back to the Spitzbergen les gentils. bartenders who go skiing on the flanks of Norway. When we had to look at the menus, it was serious about duck in sauce for cold seas and gourmet salads for when it's hot. "With the accompaniments - rice, quinoa, vegetables for the heat - the weight of a daily refueling is 2.5 kilos, against less than 2 kilos with freeze-dried dishes," says Isabelle. The bunkering record does not certainly gain weight to the boat, but it saves much more morale. It does not have a price ".

    On the health side, François drinks desalinated water enriched with mineral salt capsules. It consumes between 4500 to 5000 calories a day. During the Vendée Globe, he had not lost or taken a kilo in almost three months on this diet. Legend has it that he has not taken a gram since he was 18 years old. Definitely, this boy is annoying ...
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