• Heating Up On Actual

    It is hot, very hot even, aboard the Ultim Actual, the average speeds remain higher than those estimated by the routes. The weather conditions remain relatively lenient thanks to a doldrums very little active, but Yves remains very vigilant: the area is capricious and he knows it well enough to know that we must be wary. "It's never pleasant to sail around here, we can not know what will happen, a cell can very quickly form. I'll be happy when I'm out. I have very bad memories of doldrums, I prefer to be on the lookout. "

    Last night was indeed tense for the skipper Actual: impossible, in the dark, to see the cells arrive, so we must redouble caution. Yves has taken care of cells, both literally and figuratively.

    An exceptional "black pot"

    "He is leaving the area of ​​potential turbulence. The next night will be less hot, it will return to easier weather conditions. However, he had an unusually low potency that allowed him to cross this area very quickly. From memory, I think it's been 14 years since a racing boat did not negotiate so well! Comments Christian Dumard, Yves' router.
    Sunday in the south

    From this afternoon, and for the next 2-3 days, the giant trimaran will again be able to progress more serenely in a stable flow of trade winds ... which will start tomorrow morning heading south-east, sign that Yves will be on the South side of the sea!

    Choice of upcoming routes

    The red and black Ultim will then continue its course towards the Brazilian coasts and, in the middle of next week, off Rio, strategic choices will take place: "Yves will then be approaching an area where small stormy depressions. There is a lot of instability. Close to the coast, there are several islands and oil platforms ... We will take all this into account to anticipate a route both safe and the most efficient possible. "

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