• December Fagundes: All Current Little Wind

    The 11:30 1st gun fire off the GGYC Race Deck right one schedule, and for a short while,
    It appeared there would be enough of the dying Northerly to carry the fleet down to Mark "A"
    in front of the StFYC and the up to Harding, but shortly after the 1st boats rounded the 1st mark,
    it became apparent that the wind was insufficient to pull off the feat and the 3 blasts echoed across the bay
    and the fleet returned to the starting area.

    With a 4 knot ebb pulling the contents of the bay out the Gate, the RC awaited for the new breeze to fill, and after
    a 25-30 wait, the Northerly refilled enough to get things rolling again and they managed to get 4 fleets started.

    The top boats in PHRF1 even made the turn and were working diligently across the river to Harding, but after a lengthy period
    of treadmill sailing only a couple of the lighter boats eeked across the current at Harding and set a kite, but alas, there they sat,
    near motionless. The RC had seen the writing on the wall and decided not to event send the Knarrs and Folkboats into the current
    and eventually, another volley of shotgun blasts signaled the end of competition for the day.

    The just relaunched Velvet Hammer made her midwinter debut, but twas not the conditions one hopes for
    with all that fancy hydraulics and canting awaiting a workout!

    This is the area where we would normally post results, but because there were no completed races,
    there are no results.

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