• 2 Days In Advance

    The rocker in a new episode

    In a few minutes, once past the longitude of Cape Horn, Franšois Gabart rocked Sunday afternoon in another universe, and in a new episode of his world tour already marked with the seal of the feat. Returning to the Atlantic, and leaving in it's wake, the hostility of the South Seas, the skipper of the trimaran MACIF has suddenly freed himself, as if by magic the anxieties and silent terrors inherent to his navigation of the extreme . Slipping yesterday under Tierra del Fuego, the great trimaran and his pilot experienced a brief moment of appeasement, far in the south of the famous rock of Cape Horn, and under a blue sky. A magical moment, unreal, so much awaited that he left Franšois forbidden, shared between relief, happiness, and inability to fully measure the work done. Oh of course, nothing is played yet, and Gabart the competitor knows only one goal, arrive at Ouessant before December 23 at noon. But counting 1,100 and a few miles in advance, more than two days on Thomas Coville's record, exceeds his wildest dreams. Dreams that extend though with this tonic weather system that continues to propel him now heading north is, and still at high speed, to the north of Argentina


    Point race in brief:
    Return to South Atlantic with 1,158 miles in advance, 6,500 miles from arrival
    End of the Great South, but continuation of the austral regime of strong wind and sea; speed and caution on the menu.
    Argentina Express, before the Brazilian anticyclone and slowdowns to anticipate ....

    Hard to achieve

    Cape Horn in 29 days, 3 hours and 15 minutes! Franšois Gabart and the trimaran MACIF have renewed in the Pacific the record performances already recorded during their crossing of the South Atlantic. Rallying the Horn Sunday, December 3 to mid-day, they broke the record for the crossing of the Pacific held by the Maxi trimaran IDEC-Sport Francis Joyon and his four crewmen by nearly 6 hours. The Cape Horn, a simple line on the computer screen on board, has once again played its role of liberator, boost morale and fatigue eraser. "It seems a little unreal. It's beyond me a bit. It's hard for me to realize, "Francis translated in a message that was hardly emotionally hidden. "I did not see the pebble ", it is far in the north. I'm very happy. I never dreamed, imagined, to arrive at that time at the Horn. You must never restrict your wildest dreams because sometimes they come true. It's so good to get there. "

    A bold navigation

    "Franšois leads the boat far beyond our desires. As he is very well educated in weather, decisions are taken quickly, efficiently! "Since the weather cell Team trimaran MACIF, Jean-Yves Bernot poorly masks his admiration for the performances in the Great South. "It was necessary to stand boldly between the ice and the displacement of the depressions. We have been able to stay in this strong system that pushes us from New Zealand, at the price of a crazy pace. Franšois sails as if his opponent was pointing 20 miles from his transom. It's impressive ! "

    A favorable South Atlantic start

    Stop or slowdown in sight for the trimaran MACIF that goes again, and for at least two days, enjoy strong, very strong winds northwest to round its course far east of the Malvinas Islands, and rally at high speed 30 and 40 degrees south latitude and northern Argentina. "The South Atlantic promises to be muscular and fast. Confirms Franšois. " That's excellent news. Strong wind and speed for two or three days, but with the sea. We must pay attention to the boat and give priority to sliding. There will be transition zones to manage in the north of Argentina ... It will be complicated, but I can not wait to get to hot latitudes quickly. "
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