• Smooth Sailing Along Brazilian Coast


    At more than 20 knots, on a beautiful south-west road, Yves traces to the Brazilian coast in a moderate breeze of 13 to 14 knots.
    "The boat is fast, despite a fairly formed sea. I'm shaking badly, but it's progressing well and on the road, "rejoiced this morning the skipper Actual. From Wednesday, however, the situation will change significantly ...

    I'm in good shape !
    After 10 days at sea, the skipper Actual is in great shape: "I had a little trouble falling asleep because it rattled a lot, but after I rested well. I am at sleep, I can do one to two naps a day from 3 / 4h - 1h. I am physically fit, I eat well even if I can not finish my daily rations that are very plentiful! "

    It's going to be sport

    Yves will need all this energy in the coming days, which will be quite complicated. A succession of low pressure systems and zones of transitions are profiled indeed on the road of Cape Horn. Yves will have to multiply maneuvers to better negotiate each of them.

    "The weekend promises to be complicated with a lot of transitions and so many maneuvers. It will be necessary to anticipate each of them. With Christian, we position ourselves well in advance to find a good timing between each maneuver. The most delicate is the change of sail before and especially gennaker which requires a lot of energy. It takes almost an hour between the moment you start to fell to be able to slump and the one where you resume your route. One must think carefully before deciding to change the veil, avoid getting tired and take risks for nothing.

    Step by step

    Some passages along the Brazilian coast are announced muscular, upwind, in a breeze sometimes sustained (up to thirty knots established, with gusts), a sea formed, risk of storms ...
    "The goal is to understand each transition one after the other, because they are evolutionary systems. Until December 8, the forecasts are clear, then that can change. In two days, we will begin to see a little better what is looming at Cape Horn it should reach in a decade or so, "said Christian Dumard, Yves' router.

    "It's clear that the level of attack will not be the same as the last days I was fast: it's going to be a lot harder, I'm getting ready for it. This is not a surprise, "concludes skipper Actual.
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