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    Wednesday, December 6, 2017
    [Word of the Edge - Day 32] - Fatigue ...

    She is right there. You do not see her but you feel her presence. It comes slowly, viciously, as if to lull your vigilance, and settles down, slowly but surely, deep within you.
    Your movements are slower. Your reasoning is more confused. Your gestures are more clumsy. Your emotions are deeper.

    The fatigue is there ... Accompanied by his faithful friend, the pain, which pulls on the muscles, paralyzes the sore hands ... You have pain. All the time.

    You can fight against fatigue. Of course. Spend hours at the bunk. But at this stage you will only contain it, slow down its inevitable conquest of you. You know that it will take you weeks, even months, in the comfort and idleness of the earth to finally push it away, then drive it away forever. Here on the water, no choice, you accept it and you get used to it. It will be your fellow traveler to Ouessant. You talk to him. You play with her. You are negotiating. You negotiate a lot ...

    It is there now that everything is played out. The marathoner makes the difference in the last 15 km, after the "wall" whose runners speak regularly. The big football finals often end in extra time. The most beautiful tennis matches end in the 5th set ... Always when the fatigue is there ...

    A world tour ends with the ascent of the Atlantic ... And a priori fatigue will always be there ...

    I want to ward off fatigue further. I will never be able to defeat her. But I can push back the contours we are given, that we give ourselves. I want to explore the after. I want to find out what's behind. Do not worry, without doing anything, of course. But just open new interior doors. Simply to progress, learn, know each other better.
    The release speed

    In barely three days, François Gabart literally swallowed Argentina to find himself off the coast of Brazil thanks to a beautiful depression that propelled him from Cape Horn to the southern thirties. A phase certainly swift but particularly hard for the boat and the solitaire who sometimes cashed more than 45 knots on a short and tonic sea. This Wednesday announces a small break dedicated to the repair of moult details leadant ...

    Point race in brief:

    Meteorological change off Brazil: a depression goes away, an anticyclone arrives ...
    The speeds decrease but the advance increases: 1,700 miles counter relative to the reference course!
    François Gabart, despite the accumulation of fatigue, must tinker his jib furler all day.

    The hard is behind, the difficult is present, the delicate is in front: by lining for a week days more than 700 miles, François Gabart has certainly more than doubled its margin of maneuver compared to Thomas Coville reference time, but the trimaran MACIF has also been more than broken up to the point that some parts of fittings are tinned with spray, scum and impacts. Like this galette weakened J2 which has not allowed him to roll his genoa of breeze in recent days despite the powerful breath of an Argentinian depression ... So if this day of Wednesday looks like a break wind, she there is a strong risk of drawing from the deepest physical and technical reserves of the skipper: the goal is to finish with this recalcitrant carbon disc!

    Meshes in place

    For the disturbance is now evacuated to the dark violences of an Antarctic sea to leave room for an agglomeration of bubbles and squalls as ruthless as fickle, as random as ephemeral. What the Fouesnantais call a "transition": a delicate transition between a palpable meteorological system and another under construction, a inevitable shift from a programmable situation to an acquired configuration. In short, an area of ​​uncertainty and, above all, breathless and inconstant breezes that have the art of creating unusual neuronal connections: questioning starts commitment. What canvas, what course, what priority? How to knit at the place without quaking in the mind? How to reconcile the hourglass of time and the chronometer of the tour?

    Being caught by the bad moods of the wind annihilates the thoughts that the force of wind and sea has the power to sweep. Is it the same when the fragrances of St. Helena, the anticyclone that twirls in the South Atlantic Ocean, embalming the road to the North? A month after having cast off the mooring lines, passing from an autumnal heart to the equatorial torrid and then to the freshness of the South Seas to return to the tropical suffocating, the dodger of the hemispherical line and end with the coldness of a wintery frigate ... So in three days, the temperature has risen from 3 ° C to 15 ° C to flirt with 35 ° C by this weekend! François Gabart said clearly: "I do not recover as fast as I recovered before and it will probably last until the end of the tour ..."

    But when the body is struggling, the mind is skating. Between the technical imperatives (repair, maintain, anticipate) and the scenarios punctuated by the clock, the problem solitary transmutes an ability to support tonic tempos to the spiritual management of a permanent interrogation. To take one's time is to lose it! But speed is the constraint of a world tour with 49.3 (49 days 3 hours) that hammers the daily, especially when the history of the planetary revolutions reminds that trouble sometimes come when the sailor least expects: Bruno Peyron and his crew with a ball of peanut mast (Orange II), Francis Joyon with his rigging alert (IDEC) ... precisely on the edge of an equatorial return.
    Correspondence question

    Because the TGV of the southern depressions gives way to the Brazilian omnibus: Rio de Janeiro is not only the temple of the samba, it is also the generator of a meteorological disharmony. Between the Amazonian jungle and glaciers of the Cordillera are mixed the depression and anticyclonic types: Cape Frio at the point South-East of Brazil marks the borders. This corner of the world is rotten! And in this heavenly mess, François Gabart must reconcile progress and repair: with a clear sun that rises just in these pre-tropical latitudes, comes the time of DIY, dressing and cautery cake ...

    And so far, the loner must not miss the matches during this succession of stations in a wind that oscillated this Wednesday morning between ten and twenty-five knots. The most delicate configuration on a giant multihull on which the skipper can not permanently adapt the wing. The skipper of the trimaran MACIF will therefore have to focus at dawn on the resolution of this technical incident leading. But we do not make a cake without breaking eggs! The 1,700 miles ahead of Thomas Coville's reference time, three good days at sea, is likely to reduce the cooking of this passage between the austral and the tropical ... But this loss of a few hundred miles should not impact too much the end of this round since his predecessor had not had a recovery of the South Atlantic after Cape Horn, neither very easy nor very fast.

    Within two days, it will be the Southeast trade winds that will push the skipper quite quickly towards the hemispheric demarcation line and the multihull will find the right wagon to a relatively usual meteorological situation that will allow it to "flee to the top" , towards a "dromosphérie" dear to Paul Virilio: a race in planetary revolution which marks the acceleration of the movement in the same space! And if François Gabart revisited the gravitational influence on the dilation of time and the curvature of the world? But whatever it may be, the priority axis of the solitary is now ascending: the curved horizontality of the South Seas where everything arrives from behind, has left the field to a zigzagodromic verticality where the weather events attack by the flank. It is now necessary to combine the days with the near future of the indicative
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