• Sliding Down The Brazilian Coast

    Know how to brake


    Yves negotiates on Wednesday morning his first Brazilian depression

    "There was a fairly radical rocking, the wind took 90 °, but it was expected, the maneuver was prepared. There, I have 36h reaching (wind 3/4 back) in front of me before the next transitions. "

    The skipper Actual started this long descent of South America. At the end of the day, he will be at the latitude of Rio. It's still hot on the red and black trimaran, but the sky is now cloudy as it approaches the low-pressure front Yves is circling.

    "It's gray this morning, it's not worse besides, the temperature will be more bearable! The sea is not very strong, I have less than 10 knots of wind for now, but it will not last. "

    More Yves will dive to the south, the weather conditions are going to be tough. "We're going to have a pretty muscular upwind, that's what I came for! The difficulty is always knowing where to place the cursor: go fast but always safe. I manage to manage the boat, there is no problem in this respect. I sometimes have more trouble getting in my way! "

    This is the challenge of this extremely daring challenge: to successfully hold and maintain an Ultim trimaran in a good state of performance for three months, on the most hostile seas of the globe. Yves learns mastery of this unprecedented exercise.
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