• Liberian Slowdown

    Maserati Multi 70 slowed down this morning less than 150 miles off Liberia's coasts.
    According to the weather forecast, we will have to deal with light and very unstable winds in order to pass the doldrums, called "pot-au-noir" in French.

    “We get in and out squalls and no wind zones, from 30 knots storms to dead calms”, Giovanni Soldini tells the difficult sailing conditions the crew had to deal with yesterday, typical of the doldrums.

    For several hours, the trimaran has been approaching the coasts of Sierra Leone because, explains Soldini: ”We must pass to the East of the tropical depression we have in front of us, this will force us to go very close to the coastline”.

    At the 8.34 UTC rankings, the advantage of Maserati Multi 70 over the previous record is 1.851 miles. 3.026 remaining miles to the finish line.


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