• The 40 Year Old Transatlantic

    82 Boats sailing across the Atlantic, double handed and singlehanded, originating in Barcelona and Lorient with a group restart in Madeira then finishing in Martinique.
    Production boats and all sailors must be 40 years or older.

    They call it the Transquadra The 40 Year Old Transatlantic


    Last Sunday, my 11 year old daughter competed in a local indoor track meet. There were a ton of kids there of all ages competing in everything from the 100 meter dash to the 200 meter relay to the shot put to the long jump to the pole vault. Mollie ran the mile crossing the finish line in 6:35; not too bad considering she hasn’t been training.

    The meet was billed as an “all comers” meet meaning that it was open to everyone, kids and adults alike. As a runner myself, I’ve competed in plenty of road-races where it’s common to see people who are well into their 70s and even their 80s truckin’ along in good style. I was surprised however when a group of mature and seasoned hurdlers stepped to the starting line and blasted down the track leaping along like a group of high-schoolers. It was a wonderful thing to see and proves the point that you’re only as old as you feel.

    Like those older hurdlers, the Transquadra race is reserved for those sailors over the age of 40 who still lust for adventure and the feeling they get when racing under full sail across the open sea. The other requirement for racing in the Transquadra is that it is only open to those racing either single-handed or double-handed.

    The race is broken into 2 legs. The first leg is held in the fall and begins in either St. Nazaire, France or Barcelona, Spain. Both legs finish on the island of Madera. The second leg started earlier this week and will finish on the French island of Martinique, some 3,500 miles away in the Caribbean.

    Racing this year in the double-handed fleet aboard the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600, YOLO, is my good friend and colleague, Jean-Francois de Premorel. In the first leg from St. Nazaire, Jean-Francois along with the help of Philippe Laperche finished 2nd, only 14 minutes behind the leader and getting 3rd on corrected time; not bad for a couple of old guys in a 7 day race!

    “The Sun Fast 3600 proved incredibly stable and powerful in strong winds, and we were able to keep the spinnaker and mainsail under full sail at above 40 knots of wind. Nothing broke, and we had very good camaraderie aboard, which made for a beautiful first leg of the race!” Jean-Francois de Premorel

    YOLO, along with an impressive number of other Sun Fast 3200s and 3600s, left Madera this past Saturday and is currently in 2nd place. They are racing day and night and are due to arrive in Martinique sometime around February 7th. A race like this is not for the weak of heart but just like those older hurdlers racing down the track, they are only as old as they feel and they are going for it and loving every second of their journey.

    On we go…

    I invite you to track YOLOs progress at www.transquadra.com/positions.php.

    Rushing ahead

    Already 1000 miles traveled for the head of the Transquadra - Martinique fleet last Saturday in Madeira. The priority of competitors since yesterday is to escape the clutches of the anticyclone that spreads in their northeast. We must win in the west as quickly as possible.

    Alexandre Ozon (Team Shock) after returning from the north on his road for nearly two days came yesterday to replace the bulk of the fleet and, especially, ahead of Jean-Pierre Kelbert (Leon), still second solitary. The advance of the pink boat has melted a little, 5 miles, but it remains fast and well placed to control his pursuers. But, as the Rochelais wrote yesterday: "For the classification, I am satisfied far beyond my expectations, but nothing is played, the road is still long and full of pitfalls. "

    Frederic Couture (Be Happy) is still third, followed closely by Stéphane Bodin (Wasabi Enertek). Patrick Roséo (Red Saffron) completes this top 5: these three have retained their southern shift that they seem to want to accentuate this morning.

    The first three solitaires remain, despite the drop in intensity of the trade winds, at speeds of 7 - 8 knots. In their wake, speedometers rarely exceed 6 knots ...

    On the doubles side, a couple formed yesterday morning, Valentine's Day: Bouznik (Valraud / Peponnet) and Yuzu (Monin / Belloir) are sailing on sight, 0.3 miles apart, at the head of the fleet. Same course, same speed, same weather so ... It left for 1800 miles of race match until Marin?

    In ambush, still on a road a little further north than the rest of the fleet, the pair Carluer / Roth (Direct Agency 3.9%) is only 4 miles away at the goal of the two leaders, as many of competitors, they very regularly interrogate their crystal ball weather to follow closely the evolution of high pressure: "Today, the question will be not to miss the door of the trade winds, which is closed by a kind of mega bubble ... François-René nicknamed me the bureaucrat, so much I spend time at the table map, " wrote yesterday Gwénael Roth.

    Philippe Girardin / Gwénaël Thomas (Jataka) and Vincent Labedan / Jean-Baptiste Lemaire (Magellimo) are only 6 and 15 miles respectively from this provisional podium, themselves followed by other busy duos: OCalm, LS RESA, Give me Five ...

    This slack weather should not last, however, the trade wind is expected to strengthen the west (the first will be the first served ...) this weekend.

    Special Valentine's Day, but not only ...

    And a great photo of Alex Ozon, thank you to him!

    Olivier Hauseer and Nedeljko Mahmutovic (Miramar IV)

    This third day (Tuesday) has kept all its promises: sun, stable wind and NO grains! After small (classic) problems of casserole, we set up a "Belgian Genoese". I do not know if everybody calls this device as well, and sorry if Belgian competitors could take it badly, but it must be said that here, on board, this qualifier takes (and has always taken) a very positive connotation. Moreover, I am very proud to see me now called Le Belge, for making the genoa!

    A day, therefore, where it was possible to leave sunscreen and glasses of the same barrel. But, good, the tropics are not yet for now. There was only one thing missing - and that since the departure of Madeira - are the dolphins. We only met one group in the early morning of the second day (Sunday).

    From 14.02.18 (Nedeljko): Yes, Valentine's Day obliges. The lovers have the priority, so the Transquadra must be tidy today, except couple duos. I called my wife this afternoon which made her a huge pleasure, as for me, it goes from itself. Until early afternoon really total resemblance to the previous day. Except and yes, there is already one except that, as you see above, I began to call my friend, besides Neuchâtelois pure strain, a Belgian. And the height of history, he is proud of it. What is needed of everything ... .. Casually, I am dazzled by the effectiveness of its Belgian montage.

    See you soon.

    Olivier and Nedeljko

    Denis Jacob and Daniels Bertrand (Edm Service - Fashion Blabla)

    Everything is fine but we had a difficult start to the race. Departure to the slaughter after a few hours of racing. Large medium spinnaker exploded and plenty of time to unravel everything up to a spinnaker arm stuck in a saffron. Hell! Then we put our heavy spinnaker that we had with the boat that had been repaired several times by the former owner of Mirabelle. It tears after one hour on 1.5m upwards. We think by clinging to the Belgian genoa. Great for a heavy spinnaker. While waiting to repair it, we sailed under asy. Then we returned the heavy but had to repair 3x. Now it holds but question speed is not great. The gray step that made you laugh the other night with Marc. Nevertheless, fortunately that we found in Funchal because the ship did not receive his order because of the planes did not arise.

    Shortly after departure we could not communicate anymore. We tried to restart the old system but too big mails blocked everything. We ended up to understand that L'Ir Go had bugged and that it was necessary to remove the battery. Back to L'Ir Go. Then we put an infinite time to receive the first file (last night) because in the meantime someone sent us a picture too heavy!

    In short, as you see now it works. But with all this we must be at the bottom of the rankings. We do not know why we do not receive Geovoile files. So no position of competitors.

    We are a little tired because our driver still does not know how to steer (we knew it for a long time) except today with this weather and under this pace it works. So a lot of maneuvers, DIY, bar + the rest it does not make much time to sleep.

    We are a little worried about the state of the tips after only 4 days! It's crazy that it wears fast.

    It is 26.23.85N 27.52.16W the sea begins to look like the trade winds take out the sunscreen!

    Bertrand and Denis

    Ludovic Melnyk (Under Mama)

    Since this morning I seem to Manuréva in the head, I hope that it will not last until the arrival. Maybe this is what I thought about the book of Isabelle Autissier "only the sea will remember." My daughters had offered me a dedication of Isabelle when I decided to participate in the Transquadra on which was written "time is speeding up as the deadline approaches" and a small word of encouragement for navigation.

    The sea is conducive to reading and reflection and if one day I go on a long-distance cruise (I hope) it will be with a sacred library.

    In the meantime, aboard Sous-mama, everything is bathed. I am learning this new environment that is the Atlantic in these latitudes. The barometric tide, the grains, I try to see their trajectory, to check the theory, not always successfully.

    Finally I will be, I hope, less con on arrival.

    That night I met Marimar and this morning "tomorrow at dawn". The particularity of the nights here right now is that they are really dark. Not easy to guess clouds etc.

    One thing I noticed because of this abundant cloud, the sunrise and sunset are much less beautiful than in the Channel or the Irish Sea on a Fastnet, a Lands end, a Gray-nose. The nights are endless it changes a "Cowes-Dinard" with a sun that sets at 23:00 and rises at 05:00 and a full moon bright. We have at least this for us. Finally here, when it's raining, it's not cold.

    Good for my friends YCB (Yacht Club Boulonnais) Let's drink fresh ...

    Ludo aboard submarine 26 ° 57.38N 027 ° 04.69W

    Alexandre Ozon (Team 2 Shock)

    Hello everyone,

    Yesterday day as one would dream until the end .... well formed sea, super nice weather, shorts and t-shirt ... the paradise and the vet.

    This night as planned by our meteorological scientists the wind gradually decreases and continue until around 18 noon ... you believe that ... then we could spit to donf, it will be soft knee ... in Speaking of great activity, I finally changed spinnaker this night around 2am, since the departure under medium spinnaker ... We took out the clothes of the Sunday the beautiful the big the max finally the spinnaker with the most canvas the spi sail.cloud !!!

    The sea is always a little crossed and with this lack of wind, it's not so easy to find the compromises speed, settings, gear and comfort ... you said comfort, and benh ... a little dishwasher does not would not be too much on board ... albeit !!! it would mean that my sweet might be more boat !!!

    I digress...

    If not tonight, I have a good chance to advance in these conditions more complex to walk the boat, suddenly not much rest, I will try in the day. For now I have rested only at night never in the day. I eat as it should to correct the mistakes of the 1st step.

    For the classification, I am satisfied well beyond my expectations, but nothing is played, the road is still long and dotted with pitfalls.

    The weather is more and more hot, I imagine that you in France it is a little less the case.

    I'm going to do my little occupations and do a full check of T2C, I'm afraid he likes this rascal, so I do it too because I know he likes it.

    Big kisses to you, I think of you and my family, my children and my little wife of love who must ask a lot of questions.

    See you soon Alex & T2C, do not forget to have the pink attitude

    Quenot Apolda (Atlantic Leisure)

    Hello everyone !

    Sunrise with guess what? A change of spinnaker! 30 knots under a grain with the Grand Spi and a settling in the rules! The time to send the capeling and the wind has returned to 18-20 knots ... We take this opportunity to jibe and to recalibrate on the South. Of course ferlage to the wool strands. We have consumed our first ball and seriously start Martine's stock!

    For those who appreciate the work of Hercules, the jibe is also synonymous with stuffing: 150 kg to transfer from port to starboard to balance the trim of the boat. It is better to be at the helm in these moments ... So, it is discussed before the maneuver because after it is too late, the one who does not bar must wear the bags of stuffing, preferably by sea formed, in wax, inside. Sauna assured!

    Our beacon no longer works, so our positions are now recovered by the race committee with still an imprecise position related to the time shift. At the moment, we are next to Patrick's Red Saffron (Roséo), easy to position on the map. Photo shoot, sailor exchanges ... Guess what? The recipe for salty lentils! She is now registered in the logbook ... Pogo Vento is invited to praise the merits of Bayonne ham! After which we leave our cockpit terrace to concentrate on the race. And yes, it's finally sunny! Warm atmosphere with the trade winds! We hope to quickly find the vahines in Martinique!

    Instead, the fleet has regrouped, with the marking of direct competitors. Some people are reassured, our lack of tagged data is not a strategy to the Tabarly that comes out of the fog by creating the surprise: we are clearly visible on the water, without fog and with an AIS that allows to quickly know who is who, where he is, where he is going!

    The crew of Atlantic Loisirs is in shape: the pace is set and we start to integrate the jet lag into our clocks to arrive at the time at Marin.

    Uh ... We think a lot about our PomPom Girls, vahines it was still a dream!

    G & J

    Alain Jacques and François Boden (Goodplanet Belgium)

    1 st message: the stars

    5h36, 4th night at sea The sky is extraordinary. Magic. Stars are everywhere. Even on the horizon. I confuse them with boat fires. The Big Dipper is vertical! 2 shooting stars: I made 2 wishes. One for my darling. The other for electronics!

    2nd message (for a little later): sex on board

    Take advantage of Valentine's Day to put a new topic on the chart table: "sex and sailors". Classical literature does not tell us much about the thing. We do not know anything about Captain Haddock's emotional life. Ulysses was tied to the big mat to listen to Femen latex scales. Well, everyone's thing, and I have not read any testimony in Cosmo or Marie-Claire's "sexo" supplements, Popeye's wife Olive Oil, on the aphrodisiac virtues of canned spinach.

    It is then necessary to testify of the "real life" on board. As my sister psychiatrist says: the proximity of two bodies of athletes to tanned skin and slightly salty, with chocolate bars and pectoral lumberjacks Quebec should cause Freudian impulses and blood rushes here and there and especially there! (see photo 1) To tell the truth: no!

    Even if on board, we call ourselves "Pitchou" and "Poyon", that we actually have dream bodies (see photos 2) and that only 45 cms of the food crates separate our bunks, no desire to have a bitch tralala!

    On the other hand, what furiously fuels my libido is the idea of ​​the arrival in Martinique and the image of his bare-haired Vahines who open your arms while wriggling the pelvis! Waouuuuuu as the Tex Avery Wolf says!

    I'm not kidding: my darling and the half dozen friends who accompany me promised to welcome us top less and buttocks to the air if we arrived! They will keep their word, I know them! Since our page has already been viewed 7,439 times since the departure, I think we will be jostling on the Boucaniers pontoon!

    François sideboard "couple" status on Facebook

    Frédéric and Vincent Lemercier (Parenthesis)

    Hello friends

    It's been four days since we left Madeira. Departure fresh and tonic, it started very strong and some spinnakers have already had to return to the bottom of the hold. We tore our heavy spinnaker is not really smart early in the transatlantic. We have however tried a repair to gray tape, for now it's good but for how long !!!!!

    The weather was, until today, rather gray and cool with 20/25 knots of wind. So nice conditions to leave.

    This Valentine's Day, the sun appeared and the temperature went up and the wind fell! We will take the opportunity to make the toilet for beautiful for dinner with our lovers, I take the opportunity to pass the message to my beloved that I will apply on the shave.

    Life settles on board and each of us takes his marks and reinstalls his little habits, coffee at 10 o'clock, tea at 4 o'clock and fruit juice aperitif at 7:30 pm !!!!

    I'm leaving you (minute is the bazaar up.) Here I am again, the wind has dropped to zero and the spinnaker does not know what to do so I slumped and we wait a little, I hope not too long because it's not good for my nerves !!!! In fact it's sent to us to be pampered tonight with our lovers.The one that did that he does not know they are waiting for us on arrival and so it would be nice not to hold too much here because apart from advancing there is not much to do in the area so I will leave you in the cold of winter and will return to but small occupations .

    Kisses to all and all Fred and Vincent

    François-René Carluer and Gwénaël Roth (Direct Agency 3.9%)

    That's it ! It is hot day, the nights are cool, but we will not complain ... today, the question will be not to miss the trade winds gate, which is closed by a kind of mega bubble .. François-René nicknamed me the bureaucrat, so much I spend time at the table the map.

    It's nice "real skipper" (Vs Virtual Skipper), it's the same with the spray, the shower every 3 days with wipes, (like a giant baby), and the alarm clock every 2 to 3 hours, because there I do not have all the options ...

    You have understood, we are happy, and above all we hope that everything rolls for the other competitors, especially the loners ... we take our hat, because the pace is really strong.

    Thank you to everyone who follows us a sincere thought to the patients of the Center Eugène marquis, some of whom I have in mind of course. They give meaning to our personal adventure, which is ultimately rather banal compared to their daily lives.

    Jean-Eude Renier and Patrick Baune Shaitan Sailing

    On this Valentine's night, let me whet your curiosity and let you wait a little before sharing our little secrets ... If you spent the day on the slopes or on the beach for the most exotic Here you have a short recap of news from the Atlantic. (small nod to TTSF the blog nice and useful HYPERLINK "mailto: daily@timetossignoff.fr" daily@timetossignoff.fr ) Early morning charcoal with 2 intense quarters of adjustment of the spinnaker permanently in unstable wind in strength and direction ... Jean-Eudes even fell into a wind hole at 6 knots while our neighbors neighborhood frolicking around us at the sight of their AIS trace (see Google - VHF security and tracking system). Despite great efforts and a lot of fatigue, we make the same observation: speed deficit downwind especially compared to other jpk1080. So we made a fairly systematic analysis of the possible causes (rudder settings, spinnaker + spinnaker change, polar curves-I would come back to this subject again) -, etc.) The result seems positive and we had a better speed and more intensity in our settings since this afternoon. Then I spent 4 or 5 hours in the hold of the workshop sailing / sewing / collage to prepare our new wardrobe collection "winter sun" ... at the english they call that the collection "cruise" but frankly I can not use this word in the last 4 days! I deeply regretted not having taken seamstress classes at my friend Armand's, French Savill Row ... So chic! (HYPERLINK "mailto: aba@mytailleur.com" aba@mytailleur.com ). In short I had the right to go out to chain some gybes and finally the piece is out for presentation ... fitting tomorrow if time permits. No photo for now it will be necessary to wait until the arrival to discover if it can become trend or just a flash of straw ... We will just reveal a gross urban side reminding a little Basquiat! No more comment ... Good and the answer to this question: What do you dream of in a JPK1080 in the middle of the Atlantic on a Valentine's Day night? Strangely we dreamed every 2 and for the first time at least we remembered it! I made an insistent call in the middle of the night ... "it's the demon of Martinique!" Not sure I understand too much I went into the cabin to hear him mumble in his sleep that if there It was more windy that we were under the wind of Martinique! For my part, I had difficulty waking up for my shift ... I was somewhere familiar, jostled everywhere, but I could hardly get out of it ... and yes I dreamed of the joy of finding myself crushed in a metro train at peak hours! Think about it tomorrow morning ... it's the beginning of a great adventure and a dream seen from the open sea!

    Good night to all ... Shaitan is off to a gallop! -
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