• All In But 4 As Podium Placement Becomes Clearer


    All but 4 boats have finished the race, with a large flurry in the dark last night and in the wee
    hours this morning, Cazan, Tropic Thunder, Cabernet Sky and Fractions are still working their
    way to PV and perhaps a cerveza or 6 and a large platter of carnitas!

    Marjorie most likely unexpected to be on the podium, in Line Honors, but there they are!
    Tracy Oberts 59' Custom sailing under the SFYC Burgee took the division 7 lead just past ensenada
    and never looked back, and made some great gains at Cabo hugging the shore and spitting out into the gulf
    to get pressure before boats to her south and east could!

    RIO sailed a good race with Elvis calling the shots, but they did not receive the pressure needed to best their record
    from last year. The good news is they still own the record!

    Mighty Merloe continues to impress. Another year another record!

    ORR Overall has Disney's Pyewacket yet again on top spot, with a corrected 2h 46m advantage over
    Viggo Torbensen's J-125 Timeshaver, but then things get really tight, with just a 5 minute margin
    separating 3rd place Vincintore and 4th place Marjorie.

    Riccardo Brockman's aforementioned TP 52 Vincitore takes ORR1 with a 40m and change
    corrected win over SITP's Mill's 68' Prospector with RIO settling for 3rd in division.

    In ORR 3, ( yes there is no ORR 2) Pyewacket's magic rating and smooth sailing earns them a near 1/2 day
    corrected win over David Happ's Andrews 70' MR BILL with Lorenzo Berho's Kernan 70 Peligroso another hour behind.

    Bob Pethick's Roger's 46' Bretwalda 3 claims ORR 4 honors, with a 3 & 3/4 hour advantage over
    2nd place Blue Blazes, Dennis Pennel's R/P 50 and Tom Parker's J-65 Good Call rounding out the podium.

    John Shultz's SC 50' Horizon pull off another horizon job in ORR 5, besting Dave MacEwan's Lucky Duck
    by near 9 hours with 3rd place going to Mark Dowdy's Hana Ho just under 18 minutes aft.

    J-125 Timeshaver takes ORR 6, edging out another J-125, Mark Suber's Derivative by 33m 36s
    and 3rd place Andrews 40' Fast Exit owned by John Raymont bny 17 hours and change.

    Last but not least, ORR 7 is all about Marjorie, but at this writing, Tropic Thunder and Cabernet Sky are
    still battling things out!
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