• Travel Time For The JJ Giltinan Trophy

    Kiwi's David McDiarmid, Matt Steven, Brad Collins did New Zealand proud this week and wrestled the vaulted
    18 World Champion Trophy, aka the JJ Giltinan Trophy away from the Aussies after a 44 year old drought.
    The Trophy seldom leaves it's home case at 18 Footer League Clubhouse, and does not have a nicely
    padded travel case like the Auld Mug seen further below...

    No mate, the 18 World Championship trophy, won this year by the Kiwis for only the 7th time since the 1st JJ's in 1938,
    sorta travels in steerage style. Above, John Winning and Graham Catley render a quick fix travel case for one of the oldest
    sailing trophies in existence for her quick tip to Auckland. In case you are wondering about where the JJ's will be held next year,
    the race will be at the Australian 18 Footers Clubhouse, as it should be. You really can't improve on the location, the facilities, the
    spectator ferries and more recently the live video coverage of the event....

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