• Update On Amazing Grace Sailor Injured In SoCal 300

    Video by Petty Officer 1st Class Robert Simpson
    U.S. Coast Guard District 11 PADET San Diego

    A Coast Guard Sector San Diego MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew medevacs an injured 48-year-old woman from the sailing vessel Amazing Grace 70 miles west of San Clemente Island, California, June 1, 2018. The woman suffered a head injury from the vessel's boom and was safely transported to Scripps Memorial Hospital, in La Jolla. (U.S. Coast Guard video/released)

    Statement from the SDYC Sailing Office, sent on behalf of George Teter, father of Amazing Grace crew member injured during the SoCal 300:

    “Ann Walton-Teter of Santa Monica, CA, sustained a serious head injury during the early morning of June 1 while crewing on the sailing vessel Amazing Grace competing in the SoCal 300 Regatta sailing Santa Barbara to San Diego. The injury happened nearly 120 west of San Diego as the boat prepared to round a virtual waypoint for the final leg to the finish. The accident was not witnessed by other crew as it was dark and she was tending a line for the running backstay on the stern of the boat during the maneuver. She was found immediately after the gybe by crew who assessed her injury accurately and called for urgent Coast Guard evacuation.

    In the interim she was given expert first aid by one of the crew, who monitored and protected her until the Coast Guard helicopter arrived. Boat rigging and ocean conditions made an evacuation directly from the deck too risky, so she was taken into the water by a Coast Guard diver who swam her to the rescue basket. They were lifted together to the aircraft and she was flown to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. She underwent emergency neurosurgery for the evacuation of a large epidural bleed and a subsequent surgery to address facial and cranial fractures. The surgeries have been successful in stabilizing Ann’s conditions. She remains sedated in Scripps Memorial in the Neurosurgical Treatment Unit in intensive care. We respectfully request that Ann and her family be given privacy as her healing progresses.”

    Amazing Grace highlighted in yellow at approximate location of USCG pickup


    Casey Shilling, sailing aboard Rogers 46 Bretwalda 3 was also airlifted earlier and is recovering at home.

    From Casey’s wife, Saturday morning:

    “We’re both in good spirits and Casey seems to be improving with each half day. He’s having a little less pain and a bit more feeling. The nerve doctor did an MRI last night but we do not have the results. His knee and everything above the knee works well, everything below the knee, ankle and foot, is what’s not activating properly. However, he just moved his big toe ever so slightly! Super exciting and motivating. He will be fitted with a custom foot brace today to wear for the foreseeable future to hold his foot up while he learns how to walk again until he regains control of those muscles."