• Clipper Cove Protected From Over Development!


    After the April 30 vote by the Board of Supervisors' Land Use Committee (preemptively rejecting TIDA's marina expansion proposal), the developers came to the table and essentially agreed to all of our requirements.

    And yesterday the full Board of Supervisors approved an amended resolution validating the agreement and sending stiff instructions to TIDA.

    The marina planning process will move forward based on a MUCH smaller marina design, one matching the footprint of the Minimum Impact design put together by the Treasure Island Sailing Center.

    This new footprint will ensure that beginning and youth sailors can enter into the heart of the Cove and reach the beach at the west end of the cove, an important milestone for beginning sailors. This design also preserves enough open space in the Cove to ensure the continuation of a robust Set, Sail, Learn STEM program for 4th and 5th graders from SFUSD schools, and it will also facilitate high-school racing competitions.

    The developers have agreed to reduce their footprint from 32% of the Cove to 18% of the Cove. Of course this comes after we pushed back on the first plan (approved by TIDA staff!) to take 67% of the Cove (!).

    In addition the Board is telling TIDA it has to mitigate any unintended sedimentation that might silt up the Cove as a result of this project, to maintain Cove depth (so City taxpayers won’t get stuck with the bill and so that mitigation will happen).

    The Board is also telling TIDA to provide consideration to current berth holders with small and medium boats, so they aren’t de facto locked out of the new marina.

    And finally there is also strong language on environmental protection and analysis for the eelgrass beds.

    Of course victories stand only as long as they are defended. So, the community will need to be ready to speak up for Clipper Cove when the need arises again.

    But today is a day to celebrate!

    Much love to all the people who spoke up for the Cove. This is YOUR victory!