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    Golden Globe Race
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    LATEST NEWS. Uku Randmaa has made the easiest course and continues to plod along into a good position to get around Cape Finistere and out of the Bay of Biscay. Head winds continue to dictate each day for the fleet and Philippe Péché has taken an extreme inshore option where seas should be a lot less that Jean Luc Vandenheede is experiencing now. There is huge contrast in speed and course and all indications are that all skippers are frustrated but enjoying the ride, some in pleasant conditions. Игорь Зарецкий leads a small fleet that have been cross tacking and in VHF radio range including Susie Goodall Gregor McGuckin Empowered by Hanley Energy Loïc Lepage and Antoine Cousot...most entrants do not know where the others are and Loic is worried he is the last in the fleet but he is far from it and doing very well. Tapio Lehtinen and Are Wiig are also well placed to make the most of the breeze when it swings a little shortly after rounding the corner. The next 36hrs show frustrating light wind to continue. All entrants are in good shape! #GGR2018


    LATEST MESSAGES from Entrants today..

    22 Gregor..SLEEPING AROUND 18HRS A DAY AND SNOOZING THE REST! Position: 45' 02.918 N 006' 52.606 W at 06:07 UTC
    85 Philippe…ALL GOOD Position: 43' 54.398 N 007' 11.036 W at 07:36 UT
    Nabil…ALL IS WELL CROWDED OUTHERE.SENT MSG FROM WROG DEVICE Position: 44' 26.121 N 006' 37.818 W at 08:05 UTC
    LOIC ….HELLO EVERYBODY! Position: 44' 54.058 N 006' 55.602 W at 08:58 UTC
    68 Mark Slats…THE GODS ARE WITH US BEAUTIFUL SAILIMG STARTINGTOGETARITME Position: 44' 21.590 N 008' 03.701 W at 09:56 UTC
    JL VDH…FORCE 2/3 MATMUT EN ROUTE POURLE CAP FINISTERO.TVB Position: 44' 33.479 N 007' 55.254 W at 10:09 UTC
    94 Ertan…Boat is good, no problems Position: 44' 41.842 N 006' 40.513 W at 11:29 U
    88 COCONUT!!... BECALMED WAITING FOR WIND TO RETURN, YERY PEACEFUL Position: 44' 03.136 N 005' 19.583 W at 05:32 UTC
    88..Coconut..MIDDAY THUNDERSTORMS CAUGHT 5LTRS RAINWATER IN MAINSAIL Position: 43' 58.349 N 005' 48.971 W at 13:04 UTC
    73 Susie..FRUSTRATINGLY SLOW BUT ALL WELL ONBOARD Position: 44' 56.698 N 006' 45.677 W at 05:16 UTC
    73 Susie BEATING INTO SW WIND AT LEAST ITS SUNNY Position: 44' 46.503 N 007' 18.794 W at 12:59 UTC
    UKU…ONE AND ALL IS HAPPY, Position: 43' 59.027 N 008' 03.469 W at 13:58 UTC
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