• Independence Day SHTP UPDATE


    The latest from the race course.

    There really is nothing much more independent than a single handed sailor!

    Day 10 Summary – Wind all around
    Well, today saw the end of the fleet reach halfway, and it appears they are getting blasted, with reports of winds at 20 kts and building to 27 kts. Just the kind of conditions the back of the fleet thrives in. The weather is warming up and some boats are having fun with squalls.

    The comfort clump has expanded into more of expanded mesh as boats take off and sail to their ratings. One of these is Dark Horse who has surged ahead of the slower boats and has closed the gap on some of his ultra light competitors, sneaking up behind JouJou. Nightmare continues to bullet along, giving Passages a tease as he creeps nearer. Crinan II, in contention to win after time correction, has jibed south and continues to hold his stead. Double Espresso is maintaining first to finish position and is looking at landfall likely sometime on Thursday, July 5th, if all continues to go well.

    Dolfin has broken away from his nemesis Jacqueline and it appears Iris and Owl may dance together next. Our eastern protector Morning Star has now under 1000 miles left to go. The wind should hold for most of the fleet, but we are hoping the tail end doesn’t get waylaid by the coming tropical disturbance upsetting the tradewind flow. Let’s all blow in the direction of Kauai, perhaps our collective hot air can help to keep the wind speed up enough. Well, no, but it would be pretty cool to watch if the whole Bay Area stood along the coastline blowing in the direction of the fleet. Digression, but it is exciting to begin preparing for finishes as the first of RC has arrived in Hanalei and is prepping everything to be ready to greet the first finisher. Mai Tais are pending!

    Jacqueline contemplates the science of sleep
    managed to get some good sleep last night. rolled up the two flannel blankets i have and made a cocoon inside my lee cloths. this kept from rolling around on the berth but felt a bit like i was inside a coffin. visions of Moby Dick. i don't know what i dreamt about but they probably centered around NOISE. brian boschma turned me on to a book called “why we sleep”. very interesting read. the author talks a lot about the importance of and differences between rem and nrem sleep. i ponder the things we do and wonder what a single handers sleeping cat scan would look like. probably lots of bangs, pops, squeaks and pings on that thing is my guess.

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    Dark Horse bucked…
    Dark Horse Update 7.3.18, 10 PM PST This is a report from Shad’s shoreside contacts following a SatPhone conversation. On Tuesday evening, Dark Horse experienced a knockdown that took out one of his 120W solar panels. He still has one 120W panel left as well as a 48W panel left (70% of original charging capacity). Everything else on the boat, including Shad, is fully operational. He slept 6-8 hours last night, is eating and drinking and plans to stay up all night driving to conserve power. He has been in contact with these boats around him on SSB: Dolfin, Morning Star, Iris, Rainbow, and Owl. [RC was able to listen in and Shad’s nearby fellow competitors are monitoring his situation and are ready to divert and assist; so far no need.]

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    Double Espresso says “Start all over again …”
    Not your typical day Today was different. The morning wind thought it was afternoon and we made better progress than usual, or so it seemed to me. I was quite excited about the afternoon ride but it was not to be, quite the contrary. We’re now doing less than 5 kts. What looked like a squall but apparently wasn’t showed its head from behind. It didn’t cross my path, instead it veered the wind 50 degrees and left a patch of light air behind. Then a small rainy squall followed and it did its thing. It took probably another hour before the wind came back to the original direction, but much lighter. I’m looking astern and see no white caps … Oh, I don’t like this. Back after a couple hours we’re on a light air beam reach … It’s the start all over again. I sure hope all the other guys are/will get their fair share of this. 5 kts of wind … PJ One more thing… After we got started again an ominous cloud formation appeared on my starboard bow (probably was there for a while) and the wind started to veer. I decided to go South of it and the wind is coming down a bit. I went back to some of the SSS and PacCup handouts and this fits the description of what I would experience if that thing is a tropical depression. I hope it’s moving a little North … Didn’t see that on the weather charts. PJ

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    back on the night train run to Hanalei for PJ
    We’re back on the night train run to Hanalei. I took the opportunity of light air to apply Dacron sticky back on a previous repair patch on the #2’s tack. I hope this helps hold it together until the finish. I also tightened up the foot line to stop the fluttering. And last I reset the pole ring as somehow the pin had come loose.
    Pfew I don’t know what that was but no more please! Insert pretty pleading eyes here
    PJ on DE

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    Mike is miserable
    this has gotten a bit miserable. been blowing 25 kts plus all day. the boat is rolling through the resulting sea state most disagreeably. still making decent speed but its going to be a pretty uncomfortable night.

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    Crinan 2 Update
    sent to RC @ 00:16 UTC

    500 miles: Accidental jibe, broke endless mainsheet. Lost control of sail and wishbone. Recaptured. Jibing back , sail tore. Choker broken. Continuing

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    3rd reefs are a comin’
    From Jacqueline: finished clean up on sail plan about an hour ago. got the third reef properly set and rigged the gun mount to pole out the jib on either tack. had to do this stuff on the low side and got a nice wave waist deep. this concentrated my mind wonderfully on competing the task at hand and getting the hell back in the cockpit. water is nice and warm tho. currently bowing 25 kts gusting as high as 33. fun. boat is pretty well balanced and handling well. rcvd 7/3 13:00 PDT

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    Phillippe is a little sleepy
    We’re still making our way to Hanalei Bay, under poled out jib and full main. For the past 4-5 days the mornings started slow with this sail plan and then picked up a little afternoon. At night things picked up a little more and we made good progress. I didn’t see squalls this past night. My activities on the boat are fairly minimal. I take care of myself, do daily deck checks, check keel and rudder twice a day, monitor heading and adjust the AP regularly to keep us on track or off sailing by the lee, get Grib files and weather charts now and then, and communicate a little with the “world”. We’re doing 7+ kts on a COG of about 240T. I wonder what it’s like to watch the race. I also wonder how the other skippers are sailing their boat. It looks like Nightmare is going hard! I mostly sleep on the cabin floor now. It’s still noisy and my mattress is about 1 foot wide but I find it easier to relax there. Fatigue from sleep deprivation has settled in and I’m being cautious with everything I do. It’s time I start to think about the finish line. It looks like I’m due for a night arrival, which may mean beating to shore. I’m not writing much about my surroundings as much as been said before. It is blue, beautiful and breathing! Everything, movements, sounds, seem to join forces to make me feel sleepy … I’m going for my morning nap. Philippe

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