• Johnny The Geek's PacCup Odds*

    As is tradition around here, from his Vegas command post somewhere in the basement of
    The Rock Hard Casino, Johnny the Greek's 2018 Pacific Cup Predictions:

    There are so many unknown unknowns. Fer-instance:

    Will those tropical depressions going to keep coming out of Acapulco like they did last year?

    Here’s our 4th of July 2018 heading out for a Hawaii dissipation right now:

    There’s one down there now More are likely

    These cyclones send a wicked set of waves toward North Korea

    One boat in 2016 called them "Kim Jung Un" waves

    They like to take the stern thataway;

    As in ripple tank physics the intersection of two wave trains make things bouncy

    Would you like to arrive in Hawaii at about the same time as a potent former hurricane?

    …it’s depressing to think about

    Check out the 48 and 96 hour charts and swell directions


    Breeze is the biggest unknown

    Ohhh and the variable starting days make it a real crap chute shoot

    It is a long race

    Some boat’s gonna be out there for 17 days or more

    But consider: this it is only going 1/3 of the way across the Pacific

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