• Slainte Delivers A Spanking

    "We Spanked Richards A$$" declared a gleeful Paul Sutchek in a text on Sunday.

    Paul and crew of Eric Thompson and Cathy McCallum in the Cal 20 Slainte had just completed the 2018 Double Damned,
    The 36nm up river but down hill race from Cascade Locks to The Dalles on the Columbia River.

    Paul, had sailed with Richard von Ehrenkrook for 12 years on Can o' Whoopass before getting his own Cal 20'
    with the ambition to school his master some day.

    Paul had just returned from sailing in the Pacific Cup, a near 3 week voyage on the the Morgan 382, Eliana (slacker!)
    and signed up to do the DD upon his return.

    pics courtesy michelle fong and slainte

    Paul was treated to fresh sushi on the trip, and is apparently now a convert...

    "I'm off the C.o.W. and quiche, it's all about the fresh fish now, we stopped for roadside sushi in Red Bluff and Bend on way
    up, and we made fresh salmon rolls when we got to Cascade Locks, I never felt better!" *

    Slainte would lead his mentor then entire way up the river and would hang on at the finish to win the 7hr 34m 23 voyage 2second
    ahead of Can of Whoopass, and corrected out 1 second ahead for 2nd overall behind Stephen Howe's Melges 32 Warpath.

    A light year was forecast and light attendance was a result, as many seek the blustery nuking winds that the Columbia River Gorge is famous for,
    and the beat down it can deliver. " It was still a great year" Said Scott Walsh, who had assumed the roll of Race Captain this year after 10 years of leadership
    by Doug Archbald. "It was the 1st year we used a downhill rating and time on time and I think it worked out well, despite the light winds, we had a great back and for
    gybe battle going on the whole way up the river, it was an awesome race and a nailbiter to the end"


    *(no, not really, he hates fish)
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