• Aug 10th Golden Globe Update


    If JL VDH and PHILIPPE had access to Windyty weather forecasting and an onboard computer Routing system to suggest best course options, I doubt they could have picked the weather track better over the past few weeks! Their weather forecasting with Ham operators and forward planning has worked very well to boosts their effort to sail fast. They have one objective to win! and it is working. JL VDH is working hard but relaxed with his headsail reefing systems. PHILIPPE is possibly working harder with hanked sails. They are side by side and now Philippe has reported his first problem with his windvane self-steering. This is exactly the same unit that broke on NABIL’s boat forcing him to retire. It is a long way round the world so ??? In a few days they BOTH are running into head winds that may allow the far west to catch up a little!

    MARK SLATS has lost out a bit with that traditional westerly coarse and is still one weather system away from the leaders, now racing to catch them ahead of ARE WIIG. Both are now lining up with the next way point in the REAL Race course, so easier to define the leader positions for real! This whole fleet movement across the South Atlantic has been highly unusual by not holding to the west?? Climate change?? or just early in the season??..who knows.

    At the other end ANTOINE has been drifting in the Doldrums but finally looks set to get moving and his sistership GREGOR ( Much further ahead) is supremely frustrated having lost some hard earned ground now stuck in a wind hole. ISTVAN is looking good with a middle course that may see him cutting the corner a bit over COCONUT, LOIC, and TOMY( who are all now gaining on GREGOR) then in about three days eventually catching them!! He has problems onboard with a bow leek and bad fresh water but he may do it!

    The middle group is a mixed bag of fortunes right now. SUSIE is just sailing on the edge of the wind and may miss the wind hole on her stb. Side but ??? IGOR, TAPIO and UKU are doing the best they can with very localized weather, bordering on another little doldrum system. They should do ok though with constant sailing wind forecast for the next few days.

    One thing is certain, they all now must head to the bottom of CAPE TOWN. The course is set and very simple. This to me now is the end game for the South Atlantic..or should I say here comes the SOUTHERN OCEAN!...the real adventure is not far away! It will last for nearly five months of incredibly hard sailing…think about that in relation to the other Round the world yacht Races!!!

    First Map is Now..second is in two days with head winds...


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