• Spain Dominates 420 Worlds!

    For some, their points advantage would have taken a disaster to unravel the gold medal, particularly in the 420 Open, whilst in other fleets, there was still all to place for in the three races.

    Three new World Champions are crowned with Seb Menzies/Blake McGlashan (NZL) taking gold in the 420 Open, María Caba Hernández/Pilar Caba Hernández (ESP) in the 420 Women and Jacobo García García/Antoni Ripoll González (ESP) in the U17 fleet.

    A memorable 420 Worlds in the stunningly beautiful backdrop of Newport, Rhode Island, a venue packed with sailing heritage.

    For now, it is on to medal presentations and celebrations at the Closing Ceremony.

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    420 WOMEN
    They had kept at a safe distance from the podium all through the Championship, but always close enough to pounce when their moment came. Today, Spanish sisters Maria Caba/Pilar Caba exploited every opportunity in the 3 races to move on up the leaderboard, jumping from 5th at the start of the day to win 420 Women’s gold by the end. Opening with a win in race 10, backed up with finishes of 2,4, the team edged ahead of overnight leaders Patricia Reino Cacho/Isabel Laiseca Bueno (ESP).

    “I have no words, as now I don’t believe it,” said Pilar on their top billing. “It is amazing.”

    Classy champions, the sisters’ result is a solid endorsement of their win at last year’s 420 European Championship.

    The pair had to be radical today to swap their 5th place at the start for a podium finish, as Pilar added, “We knew we had to do our best if we wanted to enter in the top three, and at the end we managed to sail well and win the Championship. We didn’t think this would happen, but it was our goal.

    “This comes from a lot of work and we have been so training so hard. Now to win a World Championship has always been our goal,” chipped in Maria.

    “If you have a goal you have to work for it. No matter what happens and no matter what your results, in the end it goes right,” were the words of wisdom shared by Maria for other young teams.

    Third to yet another young talent, as Maria Bover Guerrero/Catalina Homar Estarellas (ESP) sealed Spain’s gold, silver, bronze domination.

    420 Women - Top 10 Overall
    1. María CABA HERNÁNDEZ/Pilar CABA HERNÁNDEZ (ESP 56575) - 74 pts
    2. Patricia REINO CACHO/Isabel LAISECA BUENO (ESP 56490) - 75 pts
    3. María BOVER GUERRERO/Catalina HOMAR ESTARELLAS (ESP 56488) - 85 pts
    4. Michelle LAHRKAMP/Gabriella DEL BELLO (USA 56079) - 97 pts
    5. Laura AKRICH VAZQUEZ/Clara LLABRÉS RIVAL (ESP 56260) - 103 pts
    6. Clara OLIVE/Solenza MARIANI (FRA 56376) - 106 pts
    7. Payton THOMPSON/Victoria THOMPSON (USA 55172) - 124 pts
    8. Carmen COWLES/Emma COWLES (USA 56365) - 125 pts
    9. Ariadni-Paraskevi SPANAKI/Myrto PAPADOPOULOU (GRE 56470) - 133 pts
    10. Giulietta Carolina LANG BÜCHNER/Tess PROVENZAL KOK (ESP 56283) - 136 pts

    420 OPEN
    At the outset, you could be forgiven for not including Seb Menzies/Blake McGlashan (NZL) in the favourites’ shortlist. They were strong contenders, but had not shown their faces at a 420 Championship since last year, finishing 41st at the 420 Worlds. They escalated form to wrap up with a 5th place at last month’s Youth Sailing World Championship in Texas, USA, mixing moments of brilliance with mid-fleet results as they struggled to remain consistent. Time for redemption at the 420 Worlds, as the pair racked up 5 race wins in the 12 race series, and, excluding their discard score of 12th, counted a scoreline of top 6 finishes to seal gold.

    Despite picking up multiple successes on the home-front , including silver at this year’s New Zealand 420 Class Championship, silver at the South Island 420 Championship and silver at New Zealand’s premier multi-class event, Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta, their form was in early days on the international stage. Today they proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.

    With the Kiwis assured assured of gold by race 11, the battle unfolded behind between three Spanish teams and the Americans for silver and bronze. A best performance of their series for Elias Leonard Aretz Queck/Pablo García Cranfield 15,1,2, secured them silver, and just 1 point behind Martín Wizner Pérez-Lafuente/Pedro Ramón Ameneiro Amezaga claimed bronze.

    “A bit nervous going into it, but when we got going we just did the basics and aimed to keep calm under pressure,” commented McGlashan on his feelings during the races. “It was the end of race 11, when we found out we were not UFD or being protested that we knew we were in a good spot.”

    The pair didn’t have to sail the last race, but went out with a bang anyway, albeit with a conservative 12th place.

    “This morning we were just thinking to get two solid races on the board, as we knew that we had a better drop than the other boats,” he continued.

    Menzies added, “We were not too bad this morning as we had a pretty good points advantage.”

    “I think our success was all about starting and getting clear. Now, I feel pretty cool.”

    Sharing some advice to other 420 sailors he said, “It is about training a lot.” So, watch out for this pair next season, when they will return to defend their 420 Worlds title in Vilamoura, Portugal.

    420 Open - Top 10 Overall
    1. Seb MENZIES/Blake MCGLASHAN (NZL 56674) - 31 pts
    2. Elias Leonard ARETZ QUECK/Pablo GARCÍA CRANFIELD (ESP 56691) - 79 pts
    3. Martín WIZNER PÉREZ-LAFUENTE/Pedro Ramón AMENEIRO AMEZAGA (ESP 55163) - 80 pts
    4. Luis Miguel HERNÁNDEZ TIRADO/Ignacio BALAGUER GALBIS (ESP 56580) - 89 pts
    5. Dylan ASCENCIOS/William GEORGE (USA 55917) - 91 pts
    6. Otto HENRY/Thomas LARKINGS (AUS 56447) - 94 pts
    7. Alessandro CALDARI/Federico CALDARI (ITA 56159) - 117 pts
    8. Zane ROGERS/Ian ROBINSON (USA 56127) - 122 pts
    9. Freddie PARKIN/Jack PARKIN (USA 55494) - 127 pts
    10. Jessie KAMPMAN/Victor MAS (FRA 56122) - 138 pts

    420 U17
    The tussle for the U17 gold medals was between Spain’s Marina Garau Bosch/Blanca Cabot Sancho and Jacobo Garcia Garcia/Antoni Ripoll Gonzalez . Advantage going into the day was owned by the women’s team, a position they held until the final race. The pair was already discarding 29th place, so had no room for another error, and were ultimately unseated by their 16th place in the final race. The pressure was intense, and as the women struggled, the men held firm to score a 3rd place finish and wrap up gold. Whilst Garau/Cabot lost out on the overall title, they still won the women’s U17 Championship.

    “When we crossed the line in the final race, we just waited to see where the girls finished, but we knew we had the men’s title as we just had to beat the Greeks,” explained Ripoll on the moment he knew they had men’s gold in the bag. There was a bit more of a score calculation before they knew they also had the overall U17 title win by a 2 point advantage.

    Speaking on their approach to the Championship, Ripoll continued, “We train with our partners Martin Wizner and Pedro Ameneiro, train hard and race regularly.”

    “We just sailed our own race for the first race of the day, and kept our eyes on the other teams. In the last race, we thought about doing some things, but then thought no, we will just sail our race and kept our eyes on the Greeks.

    “It feels great to be the U17 World Champions, and I am very happy because we have worked a lot.”

    With Spain taking out gold and silver, next up came Greece to own the bronze medal and 4th place. Odysseas Spanakis/Konstantinos Mixalopoulos (GRE) held onto the bronze medal position they started the day with, as team mates Melina Pappa/Maria Tsamopoulou moved up to 4th.

    420 U17 - Top 10 Overall
    1. Jacobo GARCÍA GARCÍA/Antoni RIPOLL GONZÁLEZ (ESP 56196) - 76 pts
    2. Marina GARAU BOSCH/Blanca CABOT SANCHO (ESP 56391) - 78 pts
    3. Odysseas SPANAKIS/Konstantinos MIXALOPOULOS (GRE 54484) - 82 pts
    4. Melina PAPPA/Maria TSAMOPOULOU (GRE 56340) - 95 pts
    5. Oscar POUSCHÈ/Luca COSLOVICH (ITA 56124) - 107 pts
    6. Paula VAN WIERINGEN MASSANET/María Del Mar GIL ROIG (ESP 56417) - 113 pts
    7. Giulia SEPE/Federico ROMEO (ITA 56644) - 114 pts
    8. Sebastián RIQUELME BECKMANN/Miquel PÉREZ CARBÓ (ESP 56385) - 119 pts
    9. Demetrio SPOSATO/Gabriele CENTRONE (ITA 56563) - 119 pts
    10. Oliver HURWITZ/Ethan FROELICH (USA 56266) - 120 pts

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